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Building a Sense of Community in the Workplace

Co-working in the cafe

What people want from their workplace is changing and it’s now more important than ever to create a culture that will keep your team motivated. But achieving this goes far beyond just designing a space that accommodates your employees’ needs, it’s all about building a sense of community in the workplace and creating an environment in which they can thrive.

So, how do we create spaces that help friendships form and business communities to flourish? 

Why is Community Important at Work?

When it comes to building a sense of community in the workplace, there are a number of different benefits for both employers and employees. In fact, research has found that having a best friend at work significantly improves job satisfaction and motivation, so it’s hardly surprising people are seeking out roles in sociable, fun and supportive environments. 

Strong workplace communities can help to:

  • Attract and retain talent

  • Create a sense of belonging

  • Increase morale and reduce stress in the workplace

  • Reduce feelings of isolation

  • Improve productivity 

  • Build stronger teams 

  • Increase collaboration

So now you know why it’s so important to build a community, you may be interested to know how to go about implementing it in your workplace.

How to Build Community in Coworking Spaces

It can be more tricky to build a workplace community in coworking spaces than a private office, as you’ve got so many different people and businesses to contend with. However, there are a number of ways to implement changes to create a vibrant, collaborative environment.

One of the best ways to build a strong community in a coworking space is with regular networking events. Not only do they provide a good opportunity to build business connections, but they also allow fellow coworkers to become acquainted and meet some friendly faces. This can be especially useful for freelancers who may not have other colleagues.

Building a Freelance Community with Hot Desking

Just like remote working, freelancing can often be lonely, with long hours working by yourself. However, depending on the nature of their work, freelancers often don’t have any colleagues to speak to, which can really exacerbate those feelings of isolation. In fact, a 2021 survey of over 1,500 people, found that over 64% of freelancers felt lonely on a daily basis, compared to just 29% of office workers.

One of the best ways to combat these feelings is to find somewhere to work where you can be around other people. Whilst lots of people choose coffee shops, this can end up being a very expensive way of working. Instead, many turn to alternatives like coworking spaces.

Whether you’re renting a dedicated desk, or simply using a pay as you go option,  it’s a great way to build a network of fellow freelancers - especially if the coworking space offers networking events and business support options.

Here at Bruntwood, our Spark programme is great for freelancers looking to build new business connections. From Spark webinars and workshops, to access to expert advisors - it’s the ideal option for those who are self-employed, helping to connect them to like-minded people and build that much-needed sense of community in the workplace.

Building a Community in the Virtual Workplace

If you’ve got a virtual office with a team of remote workers, it’s still possible to build a community and create a positive working environment. Some of the best ways to do this include:

  • Regular virtual team building experiences 

  • Weekly team meetings 

  • In-person social events if the team is local

  • Celebrate business wins and employees’ achievements, just as you would in an office

  • Create collaborative projects to encourage colleagues to work together

Although it can be slightly more difficult, building a strong remote team is possible, it simply takes a little more planning, organisation and online platforms to make it work. 

Belonging to a community has benefits for everyone and more and more companies are discovering how bringing people together contributes to success. Our role now is to create the places and spaces that will help business communities and the people within them to thrive. Discover our spaces and services today to see how we could help your business to grow. 

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