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    We are Bruntwood — the commercial property specialists led by one purpose: Creating Thriving Cities.

    About Bruntwood Group
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    Our vision

    At Bruntwood, we're committed to offering more than just outstanding office, coworking, retail and lab spaces.

    Everything we do is tied into our vision of building vibrant communities, whilst providing businesses with the support and expertise they need to grow. From exclusive events and networking opportunities to state-of-the-art facilities designed to put employee wellbeing first, there’s something to help every business thrive.

    The Bruntwood Group

    To support our purpose of creating thriving cities, we're continuously expanding the Bruntwood Group to help different specialisms and businesses reach their full potential.

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      Bruntwood Works

      Managing office, retail and coworking space. Bruntwood Works create spaces where work and lifestyle thrive.

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    • Alderley Lab

      Bruntwood SciTech

      Enabling companies in the science and technology sector to form, collaborate, scale and grow, Bruntwood SciTech provides exceptional office and lab space and scientific services.

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    Our Purpose

    We believe that thriving cities with the best, most sustainable futures are those that are culturally vibrant, equal and environmentally-conscious. This is why we’re committed to investing in these areas and where our expertise and passion can make the most impact.

    • Sustainability

      From restoring unloved buildings and reducing waste to shaping and delivering green city strategies, sustainability has always been at the forefront of our business. As the first commercial property partner to join the Net Zero Carbon Commitment with the UK Green Building Council, we're actively working towards a net zero carbon future for 2030.

    • A more equal society

      When developing our communities, we pursue local partnerships which focus on harnessing talent and creating equal working opportunities for people from all different backgrounds. Doing this internally is just part of the picture — we also help our customers to create diverse workforces and benefit the community by growing in a socially-responsible way.

    • Cultural vibrancy

      Collaborating with artists, creators and organisations is the key to showcasing the local culture within our spaces, whilst also supporting them to add to the richness of our cities and communities. From art displays to events, these collaborations bring about opportunities for networking, creative innovation and new cultural experiences for our customers.

    Learn how we support our communities through the Oglesby Charitable Trust
    View of Manchester city centre from Blackfriars

    Sustainability at Bruntwood

    This video captures just some of the ways we’re embedding sustainability into the business and why it’s so important to us. 

    If Bruntwood is to be truly sustainable,  it’s crucial that everyone does their bit to work and act sustainably. We want to make sure all of our colleagues feel informed, educated and empowered to not only talk about our sustainability efforts, but to make changes to help tackle climate change, too.

    Our reach

    With over 50,000 customers in sectors like tech, professional services, life sciences and retail, we have the breadth of experience to help you find your ideal space and thrive as a business.

    • 50,000+

      people in the Bruntwood community

    • 100

      buildings across the North and Midlands

    • 840+

      Bruntwood employees

    • £1.4bn

      worth in development

    • £1.5bn

      of property under ownership

    • £5m+

      charity donations from Bruntwood and the Oglesby family

    Bruntwood history

    Family owned for 40+ years

    Over 40 years ago, we started out with the vision of transforming unloved buildings for commercial use, whilst retaining the original character and value that once made them special. This core vision still remains true to this day, but we’ve since evolved to create vibrant communities and campuses that help businesses grow.

    Get in touch today

    If you have an enquiry regarding spaces, partnerships or services, then we’d love to speak to you. Our team is available Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 5.30pm

    Latest news

    Catch up on our latest news from across the Bruntwood Group

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    SAP chooses Alderley Park as it relocates North West team

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    2nd December 2021 - Cheshire

    Dr Kath Mackay speaking at the ELRIG Conference at Alderley Park in the Conference Centre - November 2021

    3 Technologies Leading The Way In Targeted Cancer Treatments

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    12th November 2021 - Cheshire

    Pall Mall Court, Manchester City Centre

    Bruntwood Group agrees multi-million pound deal to acquire landmark office building Pall Mall Court, Manchester, from Ardstone Capital for growing Pioneer portfolio

    By Bruntwood Works

    1st November 2021 - Manchester City Centre

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