Coworking Space In Manchester

Coworking in Manchester

Whether you are a new business, an established company needing a satellite location, or an individual who simply wants to work flexibly, the Bruntwood coworking solution can be tailored to you.

We’ll also help you get started in your first few months by offering your third month with us rent free.

As a coworking customer, you’ll benefit from the opportunity to access multiple buildings across Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham, allowing you to work seamlessly across four of the UK’s most important and dynamic regional cities.

With four locations in Manchester, our coworking spaces, give you the ultimate in high-quality, flexible workspace. Simply choose from hot desk or dedicated desk options in vibrant environments to power your productivity.

Membership - From £95 per month
Our memberships give you the ultimate in high-quality, flexible workspace. Simply pick a seat in any Bruntwood lounge and make the most of our superfast WiFi and refreshments. As well as a fantastic space to power your productivity,members get a handy 25% discount on all meeting room bookings.

Shared Desk - From £150 per month
Not in the office everyday but you need a professional environment to touch down in when you do?

Our shared desk coworking gives you the option of using a shared desk workstation in a dedicated coworking office for up to three days per week. When you’re on the move you also have the added benefit of access to any other Bruntwood lounge, should you need it, as well as a 25% discount on all meeting room bookings.

Dedicated desk - From £295 per month
Our dedicated desks provide you with a great base in a high-quality space in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. The guarantee of your own workstation in the vibrant environment of a shared office, with private lockable storage for individuals or groups of up to four people.

When you’re on the move you also have the added benefit of access to a network of Bruntwood lounges, should you need it, as well as a 25% discount on all meeting room bookings.

Membership Shared Desk Dedicated Desk

coworking space in manchester

Our Coworking Offices in Manchester

Across the city, we have four diverse Manchester coworking spaces: Neo, Lowry House, Trafford House and 111 Piccadilly.

Offering a professional alternative to working in cafés and coffee shops, each coworking location is fully equipped with a communal lounge of shared desks. Complete with superfast Wi-Fi, personal storage and free refreshments, all you have to do is find a spare seat, open your laptop and start working.

For a quieter, more secluded work environment, consider our dedicated desks at Neo or 111 Piccadilly. A premium choice, these separate office spaces guarantee the privacy of specific workstations, in addition to all the benefits of shared desks.

Why choose our Manchester Coworking Spaces

With the exception of Trafford House, each of our Manchester coworking spaces sits in the heart of the city centre - no more than a 15-minute walk from Manchester’s main train stations. Neighbouring a collection of restaurants, cafés and shops, including the Arndale Shopping Centre, our buildings are ideally located for an after-work wander.

Moving out into the sleepy suburbs, Trafford House sits around the corner from the iconic Old Trafford Football Stadium. Those looking for leisure can enjoy the White City Retail Park, five minutes down the road, while MediaCityUK is just a short stroll across the Manchester Ship Canal.

Manchester Coworking benefits

Whether you prefer the sleep pods and fitness rooms of Lowry House or Neo’s spectacular roof terrace, each location has been designed to enhance each individual’s working experience.

Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, modern meeting rooms and relaxing wellness spaces, our coworking spaces in Manchester are both professional and welcoming.

Our Manchester Coworking Spaces are ideal for:

Freelancers: Those without the luxury of a home office can often struggle to find a productive environment for their freelance projects. With our shared office space in Manchester, you can work alongside like-minded professionals, while enjoying the liveliness of the city centre.

Start-ups: With the city’s tech, marketing and digital sectors booming, start-ups are flocking to Manchester to get in on the action. To help establish a professional business and wow potential clients, our dedicated desks at Neo and 111 Piccadilly are the perfect launchpads.

Mini branches: Breaking into the success of Manchester’s new industry scene doesn’t necessarily mean uprooting your company. By using our dedicated desks, you can easily set up shop in one of the UK’s most sought after locations, complete with all the amenities you need to get your new branch up and running.

Office overflow: As Manchester’s office space is in such high demand, securing a larger space for an ever-expanding business is tricky. Our coworking spaces provide a cost-effective solution to cramped offices – especially with our dedicated desks at Neo and 111 Piccadilly.

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