Acting sustainably has always been key to our approach as a business.

From the very beginning, we’ve chosen to recycle rather than rebuild, bringing new value and life to our buildings and communities by realising their full potential, and developing with a net zero future in mind.

Our areas of focus

At our core, we are a community-minded business, and we care deeply about the cities we operate within and the customers that we serve. That’s why our comprehensive approach to sustainability spans our buildings, our suppliers, our customers, and our communities. Our sustainability goals will help us to deliver our purpose; protect our buildings and spaces; and support regional, national and global efforts towards a sustainable future for all.

Work has already begun on a number of projects to help us reach our targets, along with looking at ways to work with customers and partners to improve the impact of our sustainable offers. These projects are creating impact across seven key sustainability areas.

  • Energy

  • Emissions

  • Sustainable materials

  • Water

  • Waste

  • Sustainable transport

  • Green spaces & biodiversity

111 Piccadilly sustainability

Sustainability at Bruntwood

In 2018, Bruntwood became the first property company in the UK to sign up to the UKGBC NZC commitment. Since then, we’ve been improving our buildings and adapting our development approach to reach that goal. We also reaffirmed our commitment to a net zero future by, in 2021, becoming a founder signatory to the WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment and signing up to the UN-backed global campaign, Race to Zero.

In addition to our own pledges for 2030 and 2050, we aim to support our communities with their sustainability ambitions. Our CEO, Chris Oglesby sits on the Board of Trustees for the UKGBC and our Director of Strategic Partnerships and Impact, Jessica Bowles sits on the Board of the Manchester Climate Change Agency. We also play an active role in sustainability groups and initiatives such as the Better Building Partnership and the Yorkshire Climate Change Initiative.

Our targets

  • Net Zero Carbon

    All areas under our direct control - this means our common parts, our own offices and our vehicle fleet - will operate at net zero carbon by 2030.

  • 40%

    All new buildings and major refurbishments will have at least 40% less embodied carbon by 2030.

  • 100%

    All buildings will be net zero for operational and embodied carbon by 2050.

Developing sustainable buildings

The way that we’re developing spaces is continually changing with sustainability in mind. Across our portfolio, we have a number of developments that are set to achieve Net Zero Carbon and have sustainability at their core.

  • Base development


    Base will be our first ever Net Zero building with an A rated EPC and sustainability measures which include 704 m2 of PV solar power and a hybrid heating and cooling system utilising water as a heat transfer mechanism.

    Find out more

  • Alberton House

    The Alberton

    The Alberton will operate at net zero carbon and is targeting BREEAM New Construction 2018 Excellent Rating and NABERS UK Design for Performance Agreement 5.5 star. The development will feature glazing detailing to reduce solar gain, ambient loop heating and cooling to allow for greater efficiency and zonal control.

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Electricity pylons

Unify Energy

In October 2020, Bruntwood launched a fully licensed energy supplier, Unify Energy, which offers an end to end solution for the supply and management of energy within multi-tenanted buildings. To improve the way that energy is distributed and measured in its buildings, Unify Energy has incubated a brand new way to distribute, calculate and invoice for energy.

Visibility of who is using what and where is the first step in creating a strategy for carbon reduction, so Bruntwood’s new solution is a way for both landlords and customers to manage energy usage and spend, and to help them on their own net zero carbon journeys.

Bloc blue green roof

Blue-green roof at Bloc

Bloc, a recent Pioneer development in the heart of Manchester City Centre, is home to one of our sustainability innovation projects, a blue-green roof system, which is part of a climate and water resilience research project. The roof controls the discharge of rainwater and features wildflowers to support biodiversity and provide an additional thermal barrier. This is Manchester city centre’s first wildflower roof and also aims to attract a rare native butterfly, the Manchester Argus.

Over the next two years the project, delivered in partnership with Polypipe Civils, Green Urbanisation and United Utilities, will be used to demonstrate the full creative and multifunctional potential of green urbanisation, which represents the next generation of sustainable drainage systems.

water droplets on a large, green leaf

Unify Energy and Ripple

Our energy business, Unify Energy has formed a new partnership with Ripple to offer customers and businesses a simple way to power their businesses with their own source of green, low cost power.

Find out more about the partnership here

Innovation & Partnerships

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