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We see the world differently...

There are lots of things that a Bruntwood person isn’t.

You’re no particular height. You’re no particular eye colour. Or hairstyle. Or gender. It doesn’t matter what you do with your weekend (though you should make the most of it).

We’re not looking for people who sit down and say “that’ll do”. We’re not interested in folk that see the glass half empty. Or half full. Our kind of people get rid of the glass entirely and say “keep pouring and let’s see where this goes!”

They walk the streets of our great cities and regions every day. They look at worn out places and think “that could be something amazing”; they hear tired ideas and decide “we can do better.” They’re thrilled by the idea of work that makes a real difference to people’s lives – to prosperity, health, education and culture – and want to be part of it.

They are part of it. Because it takes a community to make a community. People who love its history and care about shaping its future; people who want the chance to make a difference and improve things for generations to come.

That’s our kind of people, and if that resonates with you, maybe we’re your kind of people too.

We offer the opportunity to work, of course. To learn and grow, to take your career in new directions and achieve more than you might have imagined possible. We encourage everyone to pursue their passions, and find the balance that brings out the best in everything you do.

So, work with Bruntwood and shape your world.

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Why Bruntwood

In anything we do, we look for a way to improve everything we’re doing. That means our buildings and our businesses; our clients and our communities; our products and our processes; our workplaces and our world. This commitment to continuous improvement is our way of doing things. A dedication to always finding that better way to operate, and to improve. Because we believe there is always another, better way. That’s the Bruntwood way.

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