The cities people are attracted to live, work and play in have thriving cultural scenes and skilled, healthy communities. Culture can pull together a neighbourhood, build and grow a safe and positive environment, and majorly boost the wellbeing of the community. Our commitment to creating healthy, vibrant, and culturally rich places for people is as strong as ever, that’s why we value and support our partnerships.

Why develop partnerships?

Cities are catalysts for ideas, economic hubs, a place to learn and grow and we’re invested in helping to preserve and improve that culture, and to create sustainable cities for everyone. We actively collaborate with our partners to bring about real change, and not only do we partner with ambitious and groundbreaking arts and cultural organisations, but each year we commit a minimum 10% of our profits to environmental, civic and charitable initiatives.

Whilst charity work and our Bruntwood Cares days make up a vital part of our community work it’s also about the things we’ve done, created, and supported along the way. The Commonwealth Games, the Bruntwood Prize for playwriting, Manchester International Festival, and we contribute as individuals too - helping to shape the communities we’re in by offering our talent and energy to everything from shaping a city’s long-term strategy to helping young people from deprived communities write their CVs.

Last year saw us work with over 30 organisations, and our continued support of a variety of worthwhile charitable organisations.