Bruntwood Works and FORM Launch Partnership to Lead the Charge for Workplace Wellness

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    Bruntwood Works is launching a partnership with Manchester’s premier training brand, FORM, to integrate a fitness offering into their buildings and increase the focus on mental and physical health in the workplace.

    Putting wellness at the heart of the working day, Bruntwood Works together with FORM, are launching a new yoga studio, a spin studio, bootcamp studio and one-to-one personal training facilities in their buildings across Manchester.

    RESET, FORM’s brand new state of the art yoga studio, will open at Bruntwood Works’ Bloc on May 17th in line with the easing of lockdown, the latest building to undergo redevelopment as part of the £50m Pioneer programme with works set to complete later this spring. The studio will create a wellbeing hub for the building with a rolling programme of yoga, pilates and wellbeing-based classes running daily, all designed to help employees blend fitness seamlessly into the working day. The partnership is designed to make it easy for everyone to prioritise their health at work with discounted classes for the Bruntwood Works community and corporate wellness packages available too.

    The RESET Studio will also be open to the general public, not just those working at Bloc, creating a whole new community in the city centre.

    A REVOLVE Spin and RESIST lifting based concept studio will also be integrated into more of Bruntwood Works’ buildings across the city throughout 2021, providing experiences for all fitness levels and ambitions.

    FORM will be hosting taster sessions over at Hatch, located on Oxford Road, to share the FORM experience in a specially curated series of one-off outdoor sessions under the Mancunian Way! These will launch on 21st April and can be booked here.

    Bruntwood Works is putting more emphasis than ever on the importance of investing in wellness - both physical and mental - as part of what they bring to the fabric of the city. Workplace wellness is central to the Bruntwood Works ethos, which is all about blending work and lifestyle to bring balance to business. This means removing barriers to keeping fit and healthy - making it easy for employees to make exercise an everyday part of a fulfilling workplace routine, and in turn improve mental wellbeing and productivity.

    FORM is an authentic, results-driven and inclusive fitness brand, also committed to breaking down barriers around keeping fit. The FORM philosophy is centred around creating high quality, straight-talking training experiences - no airs and graces, no fancy gym kits required, it’s about creating a welcoming environment to empower and inspire anyone to improve their overall wellbeing through fitness. Like Bruntwood Works they recognise the importance of being active on mental health and see fitness as central to the workplace of the future.

    The partnership builds on the success of the existing FORM personal training gym and HQ which is based at Bruntwood Works’ Riverside Building. The two brands have worked closely together as they've each developed and grown their overall wellness proposition with Bruntwood Works connecting FORM to their customer community and wider networks. The new joint venture between the two brands has been established on the basis of these shared values.

    Ciara Keeling, CEO of Bruntwood Works commented:
    “We have always strived to create workplaces that blend work and lifestyle. The last 12 months have highlighted just how important those ambitions are, especially the health and wellness of our colleagues and customers. COVID has led us to define and accelerate some of those objectives and we are delighted to be rolling out our partnership with FORM to create a strong network of wellness experiences across our portfolio. It’s all designed to remove barriers to fitness and integrate it into the working day. These studios will be open to all of Manchester too - not just Bruntwood Works’ customers. The FORM experience is about creating an inclusive environment to help everyone achieve their goals, which complements our ambitions perfectly and we’re delighted to be partnering with them.”

    Libby Smith, Co-Founder of FORM, commented:
    “We’re delighted to be bringing our FORM ethos to a wider network of Bruntwood Works buildings. Being fit is about much more than the physical health benefits - it is so important for our mental wellbeing too, which is something we focus on at FORM too. It’s all about leaving egos at the door and focusing on yourself and your personal progress - and a big focus of that is being a-part of a like minded community who are there to support and motivate one another. Delivering this in an office environment means that we can train in smaller numbers and get to know people on an individual basis, encouraging people to build a well-rounded lifestyle. We can’t wait to be part of an exciting new chapter for Manchester’s workplace communities.”

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