Bruntwood Cares: Volunteering in our cities


    Making a valid contribution to our communities is part of everyone’s role at Bruntwood. Our cities and communities are the places in which we live, work and play, so it’s only right that we give back to these places that we gain so much from.

    That's why we support our colleagues to make a difference through our Cares Day scheme where everyone is given two paid days a year to spend volunteering, whether that's sharing their skills and talent or donating their time to give a helping hand on a project.

    We believe in creating a fair society for all. And volunteering allows us all to help play our part. Why? Becayse when we come together to collaborate, we can create even greater outcomes for all.

    Connecting our communities
    The generosity and commitment shown by so many individuals throughout lockdown was incredible. Whether it was offering to do some errands for a neighbour, family or friend, or giving the NHS support when they were being stretched, solidarity and togetherness was vital to so many people making their way through the crisis.

    But we can’t stop now. As we rebuild our towns, cities and communities, the cooperation that we saw at the start of the pandemic must still shine through.

    The covid crisis isn't affecting everyone equally, and some people need more help than others. By teaming up with organisations needing support, you can help provide the right resources and connections for vulnerable people who need the care of their community.

    The benefits of volunteering
    Volunteering is a two way street. Whilst also proving much needed support to those in need, it helps to enrich our own lives by connecting us with others, giving us a sense of belonging and purpose, and can help relieve feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression. And, let’s be honest, after months of isolation and fear, that’s something we could all benefit from right now.

    Like all of us, charities have had to quickly adapt their services to ensure they are still able to function. This has meant that volunteering activities that bring us within close proximity to others are limited right now, but not impossible.What’s wonderful is that many of our partners have been able to successfully move their services online and now really need our support to bring these to life.

    Our partners: The Salford Foundation.

    Working with businesses and volunteers, helping people from across the whole of Greater Manchester, Salford Foundation offers support, projects and programmes to enable young people and adults to create a better future for themselves. Creating the right mix of opportunities, relationships and resources, the charity aims to help everyone reach their full potential.

    With the world of work drifting further from the reach of young people in our city, the work that Salford Foundation do is essential to ensuring this pandemic does not leave a generation behind. With all the worry and uncertainty around exam results, the young people in our city need us now more than ever.

    Megan Kenyon from the Salford Foundation said: “Without business volunteers, 5500 students in Greater Manchester will leave school with little to no careers preparation, and likely without a vision for their future. Young people usually only consider jobs held by those in their family networks. It’s important for other options to feel ‘achievable’ to young people, which is why introducing them to professionals from different industries is so important. Due to the pandemic, an already slim set of careers education activities have been pushed aside by schools to focus on core curriculum. Can you help us to empower young people by becoming a virtual volunteer?“

    Want to get involved? Here’s how the Salford Foundation need your help

    World of Work and Work Preparation Online
    Record a seven to ten minute video explaining your role, our business, the property industry and your employment journey, giving young people a feel for the world of work and raise their aspirations.

    Personal branding and CV workshops
    Through a series of video sessions, students take part in activities focussing on skills to prepare them for the world of work. As a volunteer, you’ll talk about some of your tips and tricks for one of the sessions which will contribute to a larger video with a Salford Foundation member of staff.

    Mock Interviews
    Allow 15 - 18 year old students the experience of a real life interview (via video chat), helping them to prepare for their next steps and improve their confidence around entering the world of work. (Time commitment: one hour 30 minutes, briefing and materials are provided)

    So far, Salford Foundation has helped over 13,000 children, young people and adults to fulfil their potential, investing over £2.4m in services and people. And with your help that could do much more.

    How get involved

    If you’d like to take part in any of the projects available through the Salford Foundation, head to their website


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