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What To Know When Renting A Conference Room

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Booking a conference room can require a little more consideration than when it comes to booking a meeting room. In most cases, a meeting room will be for a small group of people to get together, whereas a conference room is used to present to a larger group, often a group of a hundred or more. Renting a conference room allows you to present to an audience, aided by great facilities that make the process easier.

Conference Room Facilities

For instance, our conference rooms can come with large screens and projectors to present any slides you have, so the whole audience can get a clear visual on what you are discussing. Due to these rooms hosting around 150 or more people, the spaces have acoustics in mind to make sure your voice and presentation carry clearly throughout the space. 

The acoustics make the use of speakers even more effective too. They can also offer hybrid meeting facilities, such as a conference phone, allowing those who cannot make the meeting to dial in from their location. Other key features, such as air conditioning, refreshments and internet are all available too, allowing you to have a smooth and comfortable conference. 

Convenient Locations 

We understand that location is a big factor when organising a conference too, as you don’t want your attendees to be put off by a hard-to-reach destination. Our meeting spaces are conveniently located, allowing you to reach them via public transport. For example, our Circle Square venue in Manchester, which can hold up to 150 people, is a five-minute walk from Oxford Road train station. Or our Innovation Birmingham space, which holds up to 180 people, is a 20-minute walk from the closest station or a short bus or taxi journey. By having our spaces in convenient locations, you can ensure that attendees can make it on time with no troubles. 

Networking Opportunities

Although our spaces and facilities are business focused, informal events and after-work networking also come to the fore across our locations. For instance, our Bright Building location, within Manchester Science Park, has outdoor spaces which are perfect for social gatherings and informal chatter after an event has wrapped up. This location has ample green space featuring seating and decking, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a conference —but this is just one example; many of our destinations have networking-appropriate spaces for you to enjoy. 

Designed Around Your Needs

Accessibility is always key. At Bruntwood, we offer car parking at, or close to,  many of our locations, meaning you won’t have to worry about the hassle of city centre parking if you’d rather make your own way there.

Our spaces are also flexible around your needs. Prices for our spaces start at £15 per hour, meaning you won’t have to overspend on booking a space for longer than you need. There is no obligation to hire out a room for the full day, so just book for the period of time you require. 

We are also aware that these conference rooms may involve different businesses coming together, so good first impressions are important. Bruntwood buildings are perfect for this, as they are modern structures with cutting-edge designs and plenty of facilities, ensuring first impressions are always positive and your business is reflected in the very best light. 

Our conference rooms are ideal spaces to present to a large crowd; comfortable and stylish environments that cater to your needs and are appropriate for both work and play. Ideal for large crowds with capacities available up to over 200 people, explore the options here to see what we can do for your business.

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