How can coworking benefit your business?


    Coworking is hardly a new trend, with over 11,000 coworking spaces across the world and forecasts of 1.18 million people taking advantage of this way of working in 2017. Even though this area has seen huge growth, there are still a lot of benefits to coworking that can be easily overlooked.

    Coworking spaces give you the ultimate in high-quality, flexible workspace. Whether it’s a hot desk or dedicated desk, coworking can offer vibrant environments to power your productivity. If you’re a freelancer, a start-up or a small business, there’s a range of ways coworking can benefit your business. Here we take a look.

    Finding your next business partner
    Coworking can introduce to a lots of new people with various skills and talents. Some of which might even help you with your business. Need a graphic designer? Your next commissioner might be sitting across the desk. Do you have a report you need proofing? A fellow coworker might be able to give you the help and advice you need.

    People sharing coworking spaces often share the same mindset. Enthusiastic individuals who are highly motivated and thrive upon innovation and creativity. Since you’re all working on your own projects that you truly care about and enjoy working on, productivity can really shine.

    The right working environment
    Sometimes it might feel like it would be easier to just pick up your laptop and work from home or simply head to your nearest coffee shop, but working in that way can prove frustrating. At home you might find yourself thinking of ways to kill time, whether it’s watching television, or getting some of those chores done. In a coffee shop you might find it hard to make private phone calls, plus you’ll never know how busy it’s going to be from one day to the next.

    Coworking spaces give you the certainty of a stable working environment, free from distractions. You will know exactly what equipment you have access to, as well as added privacy when you need it, with access to additional Skype booths and meeting rooms.

    Utilising a coworking space puts you in an environment where you can’t easily be distracted by the television, or your chores, and instead where you can achieve your goals.

    Increasing productivity
    Basing yourself at a coworking space can enable individuals to focus better, with 64% of coworkers reporting that they are better able to complete tasks on time. Coworkers can find that such an environment helps to increase motivation and aid productivity flow. You are able to work at own pace, dividing your time between projects as and when you see necessary.

    You might also want to take advantage of using new and different environments to help stimulate your working patterns. With many coworking packages you’ll be able to work from various different buildings, rather than one set place, if you want.

    Preventing loneliness
    It will probably come as no surprise that working alone can be isolating, with many people finding it affects their mood. Coworking gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and the great thing is that you don’t have to build a work persona, you can simply be yourself. Coworkers are used to being independent Working in these spaces allows you to get involved in social interaction when you want to, but also the option to work by yourself when needed.

    A professional office without the high costs
    When you’re first starting out, or even when you’ve established your small business, you will still want to ensure you’re making a professional impression. Coworking space makes more affordable to obtain a professional office space than renting your own office. You’ll be able to book meeting rooms for important business with clients, and in many cases have your visitors greeted by a reception team within the building.


    To find out more about what coworking can offer your business by visiting our coworking page.

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