Creating cultural vibrant places


    Culture has always played an important part at Bruntwood. As an organisation, we have continuously championed the arts, recognising the significant and positive change that they can make to individuals lives, as well as the vibrancy of our cities and communities.

    This year has been extremely difficult for our arts and cultural organisations. Across the country, we’ve heard of the hard times our institutions, organisations and people have faced.

    But we believe that the cultural vibrancy of our cities and communities will play a vital role in the recovery from the pandemic, contributing financially to the economy, but also bringing hope and joy to so many of us.

    Arts and culture enhances our world in so many ways. Theatre shows us stories that might otherwise go unheard. Museums teach us about the history of communities near and far. Galleries allow us to open our hearts and minds to the imagination of talented artists. All of this enriches our lives, helps us to deepen our understanding of the world and helps us to develop new ways of thinking.

    Supporting the cultural vibrancy of our communities is crucial to achieving our purpose of Creating Thriving Cities. Across each of our regions, we have developed meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with organisations that are deeply embedded in our communities and support their needs.

    Cultural vibrancy is what will draw people back into our cities as we rebuild them. We have a responsibility to ensure that this isn’t lost for generations to come. Not only do we need to ensure places are there for people to enjoy, but this will also have a significant impact on our economy, with visitor trade playing a crucial role in the growth, development and diversification of cities. 

    In a society where innovation is so central to our growth, art has the potential to help stimulate this, not only within the sector, but across the entire scope of businesses. Art allows for the creation of original proposals, reinventing the way we do things and offering another view of the world. By introducing the creative and challenging way of working shown through the arts and culture industry, art can be considered as a catalyst for innovation.

    We urge other businesses to also work hand in hand with arts organisations where they can. Our cultural partners across our regions are working hard to support our communities and provide safe spaces for their people to come together, create, learn and share. Together we can ensure that they come out of the pandemic and flourish. By directly engaging with creatives, working with arts and cultural organisations and incorporating the art of local talent into our spaces, we know first hand the benefits that it can bring to businesses and individuals alike.

    Bringing artists and cultural organisations into the way your business operates, brings priceless value. If we work together to provide opportunities for the arts and culture industry, we can give artists the outlets they need to remain in employment and create new work which adds to a sense of place, enriching values, beliefs, identity and generating powerful economic drivers.

    The arts and culture sector will play a vital role in the recovery from the pandemic, contributing financially to the economy, but also bringing hope and joy to so many of us. It is clear that the arts, be it participating in or experiencing, has a significant positive impact on our wellbeing, improving mental health by giving people a creative outlet to express themselves and combating loneliness through socialising. 

    Although our cities face an uncertain future, creativity is still out there. And as we look forward to the future, arts and culture should be central to reinvigorating the life of our communities. We have seen the impact the industry can have in boosting our economy financially, as well as nurturing our mental health and wellbeing, bringing positive effects to individuals, businesses and the country as a whole.

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