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How Leeds Serviced Office Spaces Enhance Business Connectivity and Growth

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Interested in renting an office space in Leeds? With the city upholding its status as a thriving economic hub in the North of England, it offers historical richness, modern innovation, and a large and diverse population for businesses to capitalise on. 

From startups requiring a few seats on a coworking basis, or larger businesses that require meeting rooms on an ad hoc basis, renting in Leeds is an excellent solution. In addition, Bruntwood SciTech’s spaces offer an environment that not only supports all operational requirements but helps to enhance productivity and creativity, with our West Village site a standout option.

Why Leeds is a Prime Location for Serviced Office Spaces

Leeds is not only one of the biggest cities in the UK, but it is also one of the most prominent business hubs outside of London. It benefits from a range of excellent transport links, including road, rail, and air, meaning all businesses have access to travel on a local, national, and international basis. It’s no wonder the city plays host to the headquarters for an eye-catching range of businesses, including Channel 4, Jet2 and Asda. 

On top of this, Leeds is home to a wide range of universities and colleges, ensuring a steady stream of skilled and talented graduates with varying backgrounds to complement all industry sectors. This is further supported by the city’s commitment to development and regeneration, with a range of high-quality serviced office spaces in Leeds available to rent across both urban and suburban areas. 

There’s been something of a revolution in Leeds in recent years, particularly in fields such as fintech. This Yorkshire metropolis has carved out a reputation as a hub for financial innovation, with plenty of businesses opting to relocate from London. With a lower cost of living and far more affordable access to commercial property in the North, it’s a trend that is likely to accelerate. 

As a result, Leeds is an exciting place for any business considering a serviced office space, with our West Village site helping to facilitate immediate business while supporting long-term growth and success. 

What Are Serviced Office Spaces?

In their most basic form, a serviced office is a ‘pre-packaged’ and ‘ready-to-use’ office space for a business to move into and take advantage of.  These spaces are pre-kitted and can be used on a flexible basis, meaning businesses that are not able to commit to a long-term lease may benefit.  

Alternatively, growing companies can capitalise on the ability to scale up or down depending on current needs - an advantage with the increased drive for flexibility regarding workers, with many businesses now offering hybrid work models to employees. 

There are three main ‘types’ of modern office spaces: serviced, leased, and shared. These all offer a range of distinctive features and services as below. 

The Benefits of Serviced Office Spaces

Serviced office spaces are fully equipped and fitted out offices that offer customers flexible lease terms with a range of other benefits including IT support, meeting room spaces, and access to a main point of contact with an on-site receptionist. These sites offer a dynamic range of design features, from biophilic design through to ultra-modern event spaces, making them a hot commodity for freelancers, start-ups, and small and large businesses alike. 

Positive Features of Leased Office Spaces

Leased office spaces are rented directly from a business, such as Bruntwood SciTech, on a fixed-term basis. For these types of workspaces, customers benefit from control over the fit-out, design and management of the space, making them the ideal choice for a business that has long-term plans in place. They are also an excellent choice for scale-ups and large enterprises that want flexibility in the planning of their own office. 

An Introduction to Serviced Office Space in Leeds

The Evolution of Office Space in Leeds

Office space in Leeds continues to adapt in line with the city’s economic growth, with a range of businesses like Bruntwood SciTech transforming traditional offices or developing new spaces to imbue new life into the city. 

Our West Village site was part of a £20m redevelopment, with the site prioritising innovation and collaboration,  accompanied by sustainability and well-being at the heart of the project. As such, our investment into the space has benefitted Leeds by unlocking the potential of the 229,000 sq ft site via state-of-the-art features, investment into biodiversity and attracting new and exciting business to the city. 

The Key Benefits of Serviced Office Spaces in Leeds

As Leeds continues to grow and develop, serviced office spaces in the city are likely to become an increasingly attractive prospect for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These spaces offer a range of benefits that complement all sectors, with the array of amenities and services providing a significant asset no matter the size of your workforce. As such, renting commercial property in Leeds has never been so attractive! 


As already discussed, businesses increasingly need flexibility. Both Bruntwood SciTech and our shareholder Bruntwood are proud to offer flexible lease terms, ranging anywhere between six months through to five years to suit the needs of your business.


For any business looking to manage their expenses in an easy and efficient manner, serviced offices are a highly cost-effective solution. Not only do these spaces come pre-packaged, filled with all the essentials - furniture, IT equipment, internet and other vital infrastructure, but many serviced offices consolidate bills, such as utilities and maintenance, into a singular monthly payment. 

This helps businesses to home in on their needs, simplifying any budgeting and financial planning in the long-term, which is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups who might not have the capabilities to manage complex financial arrangements. We always want to make life easy for businesses and let them focus on what they do best. With over 6,000 SMES based in Leeds, this scalability is a huge asset. 

Access to Premium Locations

The transport links in Leeds are also strong, with Leeds train station regarded as one of the busiest in the country, boasting 18+ platforms and links to key destinations such as London, Edinburgh, and Birmingham. Plus, the city also benefits from its location on the M1, M62 and A1(M) and its proximity to Leeds Bradford Airport, which flies internationally. 

This means you can visit clients’ offices with ease or invite them to visit your very own serviced office in Leeds.

With the city also offering a range of Michelin star restaurants and other attractions, such as art galleries, theatres and more, Leeds serviced office spaces are the perfect opportunity to host your client before taking them to explore the city. 

Amenities and Services

One of the key advantages of a serviced office space is the in-built services on offer. Whether administrative support, a reception service, meeting and conference rooms or the ability to duck into a private space to take a meeting or a call, serviced offices are built to provide a complete range of amenities that suit any business model. Hosting several different businesses is an excellent way to foster creativity and collaboration, leading to enhanced innovation and diversity. 

Key Features of West Village, Leeds

Bruntwood SciTech is proud to introduce West Village to our portfolio of workspace destinations, with collaboration and wellness central to the space. Whether you need office space, meeting rooms, or a rooftop terrace to host clients, this site offers a range of innovative and modern services to customers, including breakout spaces to share ideas and relax. 


Located just seven minutes’ walk from Leeds train station, West Village benefits from proximity to one of the UK’s busiest travel hubs, with the train from Leeds to London taking just over two hours. West Village is located on Wellington Street, just next to the inner ring road, meaning you can walk, cycle, or drive to work with ease. 

Trinity, the Town Hall, and Leeds Corn Exchange are all less than 15 minutes away - meaning key destinations are just around the corner. Plus, with hospitality locations such as My Thai, Caracas Grill and The Alchemist in close proximity, you can treat or host employees or clients easily. Bruntwood SciTech offers several office spaces to rent in Leeds, Platform, 14 King Street and West Gate, meaning all companies have guaranteed flexibility in choosing their new home. 


There’s no end to the amenities at West Village - making it the perfect choice for any business to start or continue their operations. From a dedicated fitness studio with two on-site gyms through to a beautiful rooftop terrace and a courtyard that acts as a social hub, West Village prioritises wellness wherever imaginable for your workers in Leeds. 

They will benefit from biophilia, smart technology and a whole range of other smart office essentials- helping you to retain staff, improve productivity, and enhance the overall happiness of your employees. 


Whether you want a leased, shared or serviced office space in West Village, Leeds, there is something to suit any business.  From event spaces through to communal areas, this space prioritises human connection, ensuring you can mix with individuals from other businesses - whether on the sofa or the roof terrace.

There’s even a cycle café, local independent food pop-ups, green spaces, a well-being studio, and the largest cycling storage space in Leeds. As such, we’ve managed to integrate and place the local community, alongside sustainability, at the forefront of West Village. 

Redefining Office Space in Leeds

Serviced office space in Leeds, particularly West Village, helps cater to diverse business needs by offering a wide range of amenities and benefits attuned to the requirements of innovation-led or based companies. This particularly those supporting the science and tech sectors, who benefit significantly from the inclusive and like-minded environment. 

With Leeds serviced office spaces constantly adapting in line with developments in the city and the needs of workers, spaces like West Village are becoming key to providing accessibility, convenience and wellness. Bruntwood SciTech is proud to continuously be transforming the workspace as we know it. 

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