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What is a Serviced Office: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Serviced Office: Everything You Need to Know

Bruntwood’s range of office spaces include serviced offices, which might be the best option for your business. Serviced offices can be a brilliant solution for growing businesses that require flexibility or a little extra support with the day-to-day running of an office. The benefits are varied, but typically, businesses rely on serviced offices to take away any of the additional admin associated with running an office independently of a provider. 

So whether you’re a start-up looking for an office space, or looking to relinquish the responsibilities of running a private office - we’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What is a Serviced Office?

As ready-made working environments, serviced offices are designed to alleviate any day-to-day stresses for businesses, but also to provide productive, inspiring surroundings for employees. Some key features of serviced offices are typically superfast internet, daily cleaning, mail handling, refreshments, telephone answering and postal and security services. 

Here at Bruntwood, we offer a variety of office spaces, which boast a whole range of amenities. But our serviced offices are places businesses can move into straightaway, without any of the hassle that comes with setting up and managing an office independently. Ideal for those in need of a furnished private space, or those looking for a short-term office solution. Serviced offices are brilliant options for companies both large and small - removing the headache of managing multiple utilities accounts, for instance. 

We offer a pay-by-desk rate and the flexibility to scale or shrink in accordance with your needs. With contracts starting from six months, offices of all sizes and flexible terms, serviced offices can provide the perfect solution for businesses just starting out, or those who’ve outgrown their previous space. 

It’s worth finding out if you have access to other on-site facilities, too. At Bruntwood, there’s 24 hour access to your serviced office, secure parking, cycle storage and lockers, plus the opportunity to book meeting rooms at any Bruntwood venue with a 25% discount. 

Additionally, there are amenities like onsite gyms and changing rooms, access to fitness classes from providers such as ‘Les Mills’ and other events, in accordance with your building’s events programme. There’s also the opportunity to access business support and retail offers through our extensive network.

As our offices are owned, managed and let by us, there’s no need for the middle man. Whether it’s a short-term home for your business, or a fully-managed, bespoke office you’ve designed from scratch - you’ll find your perfect work environment at a Bruntwood office, which can be found across the North and West Midlands.

Do Serviced Offices Include Business Rates?

Business rates are charged on most non-domestic properties, like shops, offices, pubs, warehouses, factories, holiday homes, and so on. However, one of the major perks of a serviced office is the fixed rate you’ll pay for your entire rental period. 

All the additional costs that come with renting a normal office - like the business rates, utility bills, and so on - are included in the monthly fee paid to serviced office providers, eliminating the need to keep up to date with multiple accounts, and tidying your monthly outgoings into one neat sum.

This is a huge plus for prospective customers who would normally be subject to any fluctuations in the building’s business rates, because if the building you’re renting increases in value, your rates are likely to go up too. 

Utility rates are also subject to change, and as we’ve seen throughout 2022’s cost of living crisis,  energy rates have skyrocketed.

Choosing a serviced office means fixed utility and business rates. Whatever your fixed rental period, the price you agreed will not change for that time. Should the business rate of the building increase, or utility bills suddenly increase, the office provider takes the hit - your rates won’t be affected. This means you won’t have any nasty surprises to navigate down the line, so you can focus on saving money at the office in more manageable ways!

How Much Does a Serviced Office Cost?

Serviced office rates vary depending on a whole host of variables, including the space required, the city, the amenities available, and so on. At Bruntwood, our serviced offices are able to offer a lot of flexibility - so if the building has the capacity to, growing businesses are able to easily expand into a larger office space, making it a great option for start-ups.

The Best Serviced Office Spaces

No two offices are the same. Each individual space offers something unique - whether that’s to do with the city it’s located in, the interior design, the proximity to green space - there are so many factors to consider when choosing the serviced office that’s going to best suit your business. 

Here at Bruntwood, we know the value of working environments that combine beautiful modern design with functionality. Our expert in-house interior design team works hard to constantly deliver high end designs for our new developments, and continually enhance our existing ones. 

Manchester: 111 Piccadilly 

One of our most innovative and vibrant spaces, 111 Piccadilly was recently rated a 1st Platinum WELL coworking space in Europe. Situated in the bustling heart of Manchester city centre, it’s the perfect spot for professionals looking to network, host clients or organise company socials. The proximity to Manchester Piccadilly train station is also a huge plus for those commuting in and out of Manchester, with great transport links next door to the office. 

111 Piccadilly was completely transformed as of 2020, mixing industrial, modern interiors with biophilic design. Those working from this serviced office will enjoy access to facilities at all Bruntwood buildings, plus community events, programmes or workshops. 

If you’re in need of a moment away from your screen, there are plenty of lounge and outdoor spaces to choose from. For those in need of a morning caffeine hit, or an afternoon energy boost, the Ancoats Coffee Company can be found on-site. 

Liverpool: The Plaza

The Plaza is another great example of our commitment to creating innovative, ambitious, and lively work spaces for businesses of all kinds. With the completion of its £200m transformation due in early 2023, it’s set to become one of the most attractive professional hubs of the Merseyside region, making it the perfect home for dynamic businesses. 

The central location is only a few minutes’ walk from Moorfields train station, Castle Street and Liverpool One and has views of Liverpool’s famous waterfront. To rent a serviced office here is to be immersed in a vibrant community - the perfect spot for businesses looking to increase their networking opportunities and meet with prospective clients. With its bespoke lighting, impeccable interior design, dedicated audio zones and quiet study spaces,  you’re guaranteed to enjoy your working days at The Plaza. 

Our community events, coupled with our fostering of a social culture across all Bruntwood sites, makes this innovative building a true pleasure to work and network in. Enjoy access to the communal lounge, restaurant, bar and café, run by GSG Hospitality, plus a brand new fitness studio, cycle hub and shower facilities. 

Enquire today about finding the perfect serviced office for your business with Bruntwood, and create a brilliant, innovative environment for employers and employees alike.

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