Our purpose

Our commitment to creating thriving cities shapes everything we do. Our driving force isn’t making a profit, it’s acting as a catalyst for incredible growth in the places we operate. We’ve always taken the view that for us to be successful, the cities in which we operate have to be successful. This means that, when we expand into somewhere new, we become fully immersed in a city’s ecosystem, economically and culturally. We put down deep roots and we’re in it for the long run.

We believe and invest in creating vibrant, culturally rich experiences and places. From playwriting prizes to tree planting, our activities are vast and varied but all fall under four ‘pillars’ that, together, we feel all contribute to making a city great.

Vibrant and culturally rich places

Interesting and attractive cities have thriving cultural scenes open and accessible to all, encouraging and stimulating creativity, conversation and social consciousness. We play our part by partnering with ambitious cultural organisation that are looking to make an impact and inspire change.

Healthier, happier lifestyles

Great cities look after their citizens by encouraging proactive and personal approaches to community and individual health. From partnering with organisations tackling health inequalities to offering fitness classes in our buildings, physical and mental wellbeing is hugely important to us.

Reduced environmental impact

The importance of monitoring and reducing the impact we individually and collectively make on our environment can’t be understated. We’re not claiming to be perfect here, or have the answers, but we are doing our best to invest in and work with green technologies that reduce energy consumption and waste output in our buildings and work together with civic, public and private sector partners to champion eco consciousness at city level.

Unlocking the true potential in people

Both in our company and in our partner organisations, we aim to support the creation of jobs that have a long lasting, positive impact on individuals and the cities. We particularly focus on supporting growth sectors and city strengths but know that giving people the opportunity to develop their best selves, recognising that this is a lifetime’s work, is the foundation for personal - and, in turn, economic - growth.

How are we making this happen?

Bruntwood cultivates civic, cultural, and charitable relationships to support organisations and social initiatives that fall under our four ‘pillars’.  We don’t do this by just handing over money, but actively collaborate with partners to bring about real change in the cities that we’re passionate about.

We bring our leadership, connections, spaces, colleagues and their skills, as well as financial support, to these partnerships to help create thriving communities that grow and develop together.

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