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Inspirational and socially responsible spaces where connections are made and communities thrive

Bruntwood Works is a proud regional business that is embedded in our places. We make work a lifestyle and provide flexible workplaces powered by innovation and access to a range of retail, leisure and wellness facilities

Find your perfect fit. Choose anything from coworking desks, virtual or fully managed offices to meeting rooms and event spaces

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Our spaces are just the start of your journey. When your company chooses Bruntwood Works you gain access to our support network, our expert on site teams, and the Bruntwood community – a network of over 55,000 people across 2,000 member businesses. You'll also have access to a range of facilities at our Pioneer spaces including podcast recording, sleep pods, fitness studios and independent coffee shops. Find out more about our Pioneer buildings that provide space to innovate the everyday:


Choose from over 70 buildings across the UK in Manchester, Cheshire, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham, with outstanding facilities including gyms, cafes, business incubation and collaboration opportunities. Whatever you need, we’re geared to help you grow.