Wellbeing at Bruntwood

Finding the balance

Work isn’t everything at Bruntwood. And while we do offer the opportunity to work of course, it’s just as important to us that all colleagues also find that all-important balance.

When you’re in work, our brilliant spaces and places give you the flexibility and freedom to work however you need to on any given day. If you need some inspiration to come up with creatively commercial solutions, the community feel of some of our beautiful shared facilities can help you innovate. If you need that focussed time to dream and then deliver - we’ve got the perfect quiet spaces.

All of our spaces give you access to a wide range of amenities allowing you embrace healthy habits into your daily routine, connect with colleagues, and give a real boost to your wellbeing.

And it doesn’t stop at the design of our spaces, wellbeing runs right through our company culture.

Whether physical, mental or financial wellbeing, there are lots of ways we offer support, advice and opportunity to everyone at Bruntwood.

Wellbeing at Bruntwood is not just about benefits and initiatives - it’s in our DNA. We encourage everyone to learn and grow, pursue their passions, and find the balance that brings out the best in everything they do.

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