Bruntwood benefits

What you can expect in return

We really believe that if you’re brilliant to work with, you deserve brilliant things in return - from the big important stuff like pensions and holidays, through to the “small perks” that help you out with the little things that matter just as much. At Bruntwood we might work hard, but we have the benefits and rewards in place to help you find that balance and enjoy life too.

Helping you find the balance

Work isn’t everything at Bruntwood. And while we do offer the opportunity to work of course, it’s just as important to us that all colleagues also find that all-important balance.

We can make it easier to get to work with our travel loans and when you’re in work, our brilliant spaces and places give you the flexibility and freedom to work however you need to on any given day. If you need some inspiration to come up with creatively commercial solutions, the community feel of some of our beautiful shared facilities can help you innovate. Or if you need that focussed time to dream and then deliver - we’ve got the perfect quiet spaces and the agility to work wherever suits you on a day to day basis.


As soon as you start with us, you’ve got 24 days holiday to play around with as you wish (plus bank holidays!). Then, once you’ve been with us for two years, that allowance increases to 25.

Buying & selling holidays

If you’d like to some extra days in the sun (or just to relax and catch up at home), or you find yourself with some “spare”, you can also buy or sell up to three days holidays a year.

Birthday leave

Whether you want to spend your birthday relaxing, celebrating, or recovering, you have an extra day off, on the date of your birthday to do just that (just before or after if your birthday falls on the weekend).


If you’ve been with us for five years or more, you can also take advantage of sabbatical leave which allows you take between three months (13 weeks) and six months (26 weeks) off from work.

Agile working

We’re huge fans of agile working. So, where we can, and where it’s appropriate for the job that you do, we’ll arm you with a mobile phone and a laptop and away you go - you can now work in a way that’s most productive for you.

Travel to Work loan

To make life that little bit easier for you, we also offer all colleagues the option of an interest free travel to work loan up to the value of your monthly salary. This can then be used to buy an annual rail, metrolink or bus pass and pay for it monthly.

Bringing out the best in you

Wellbeing at Bruntwood is not just about benefits and initiatives - it really is in our DNA. We encourage everyone to find the balance that brings out the best in everything they do.

All of our spaces give you access to a wide range of amenities allowing you to embrace healthy habits into your daily routine, connect with colleagues, and give a real boost to your wellbeing. Whether physical, mental or financial wellbeing, there are lots of ways we offer support, advice and opportunity to everyone at Bruntwood.

Employee assistance programme

Your wellbeing is important to us - whether its physical, mental or financial. If you need help, we’ll try our best to support you and we can also put you in touch with our Employee Assistance Programme provided by Health Assured - a 24 helpline providing telephone counselling service on a whole host of subjects.

Private healthcare

We offer all colleagues free individual private healthcare membership with AXA. As soon as you join us, you’re eligible. The offer also extends to your partner and your family with an additional cost that will be deducted from your salary in monthly installments.

Life assurance

Our life assurance benefit is provided by Unum and is available to all permanent colleagues between the ages of 16 and 75. Bruntwood covers the full cost so you don’t need to worry about making any contribution towards it.
You’ll become a member as soon as you start with us; and if (and fingers crossed it never happens), you do pass away while still working with us your beneficiary will be entitled to a lump sum equal to four times your scheme salary.

Healthy breakfasts

Every day, in each of our locations, there will always be a fresh selection of healthy breakfast choices including cereal, yoghurts and fruit.

Gym classes

We offer subsidised exercise and yoga classes, meditation sessions and seminars from life coaches. And in some of our buildings we also run virtual gym classes.

Eyecare vouchers

All colleagues have the opportunity to take up a free eye test voucher with Vision Express. And if you need new complete prescription glasses, there’s also a £45 discount to go towards to them.

Shaping your future

In an increasingly uncertain world, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you think about the future, how you want to shape it, and what you need to do now to get there.

Employer matched pension scheme

Provided by Aviva, we will automatically enrol you into our employer matched pension scheme - which means that Bruntwood will match your contributions up to 8%. You will also get access to the MyAviva online portal that will help you to plan your retirement and see the full potential of your pension investments.

Enhanced maternity & paternity leave

First of all to celebrate your good news, there’s a baby bonus of £500 as a one off net payment. Then once you’re on maternity leave, we offer enhanced maternity pay - your full salary for 26 weeks regardless of whether or not you qualify for statutory maternity pay. For fathers, we also offer enhanced paternity pay - your full salary for 2 weeks regardless of whether or not you qualify for statutory parental leave.

Share incentive plan

Our success is down to colleagues. So, it’s only right and fair that you enjoy the benefits of some of that success. So, while you can’t buy shares in Bruntwood (as we’re a privately owned company), we can give them to you and that’s exactly what we do. Each year, once you’ve done a year with us, every colleague is given shares in Bruntwood. The amount depends upon the profitability of the company of course but the better we all perform the greater the reward. And as the value of the company grows, so does the value of your shares.

Long service awards

In appreciation and recognition of the invaluable contribution you make, when you reach your 10, 20 and 30 year milestones with Bruntwood - we will say a big thank you. At 10 years you can expect £500 voucher, after 20 years, you’ll get £1,000 voucher, and after 30 years, you’ll have £1,500 vouchers to spend.

Taking your career in new directions

Your learning doesn’t stop when you join Bruntwood. We want you to achieve more than you thought possible. So, no matter how far you are into your career, there are many learning and development opportunities - from formal training and qualifications to mentoring and coaching. You can expect a personalised development plan, access to digital learning, and continuous feedback from your peers and manager. You can also expect a culture of collaborative working and plenty of ways to get involved in new projects, contributing your ideas to creative and innovative pieces of work.

Learn & Grow loan

The Learn & Grow loan is here to support you with a piece of learning that is more closely connected to the work you do in your role at Bruntwood - but isn’t necessarily essential. We also recognise the value (both to you and to us as your employer!) of expanding your specific areas of knowledge on things related to what you do at Bruntwood. So, think about taking that course you’ve always wanted to - use it towards a bachelors or masters degree; a professional qualification; brush up on your digital skills; or gaining an industry recognised chartership.

Pursue your passions loan

This loan can be used for any piece of learning that really grabs your attention - even if it’s not related to your job. This loan is designed to take away some of the financial pressures and encourage everyday learning by empowering those of you who have a genuine interest in something to go out there and pursue it. With this loan you can get really creative!

Making a difference

Bruntwood is all about creating thriving cities. And to support that we also need to be supporting vibrant communities. Which is why it is so important to us that all Bruntwood colleagues recognise the part they play in not only shaping our own Bruntwood community; but also the wider communities we all enjoy, live and work in.

Shape our team

Could the work we do bring out the best in someone you know? Do you know someone who cares passionately about where they live, and the communities they’re a part of, and want to make a difference? Sounds like they might love what we do, at Bruntwood! Recommend them successfully for one of our vacant roles and in recognition of your help in building teams that create thriving cities, earn yourself £500.

Volunteering days

We want to be known for acting with integrity, respect, and a passion for collaboration - because the greatest outcomes benefit everyone. And to help all Bruntwood people bring that to life in the best possible way - by working with our local communities - we give two cares / volunteering days a year.

Click here to download a copy of our full Benefits Brochure - “Being brilliant to work with”