Why Bruntwood

Bruntwood benefits

So, we’ve told you what kind of person we’re looking for and the kind of work you can expect to shape and be involved in. But what about what you can expect in return?

We really believe that if you’re brilliant to work with, you deserve brilliant things - from the big important stuff like pensions and holidays, through to “perks” to help you out with the little things that matter too. At Bruntwood we might work hard, but we have the benefits and the rewards in place so that you can find that equal balance and enjoy life too.

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Learning and development

Your learning won’t stop when you join Bruntwood. We want you to achieve more than you thought possible. And if you really want to learn and grow, and take your career in new directions we know that we need to give you the encouragement, surround you with the support and provide you with the opportunity to bring out the best in everything you do.

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Work isn’t everything at Bruntwood. And while we do offer the opportunity to work of course, it’s just as important to us that all colleagues also find that all-important balance.

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Our values

The Bruntwood values are our guiding principles that define how we do things around here. So while we have a purpose which is our “why”, our values are the “how” - how we go about making a difference, how we go about being a part of the community and how we go about creating thriving cities.

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We are a proud Member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. Committed to making a difference in our employees’ lives by meeting the membership criteria and continually elevating employment standards in the key characteristics covered in the Charter: secure work, flexible work, real living wage, engagement and voice, recruitment, people management, and health and wellbeing. #GoodEmployment