Why Bruntwood

Our values

We’re a family-run property developer, owner and manager with a heart. We care about the communities and businesses we work with and we use all of our knowledge and expertise to see them succeed. That’s the Bruntwood Way. This way doesn’t just guide us, it defines us. It’s something no other company is, or ever can be, that makes us unique, and with unique values. These values explain why we are, the way we are.

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Learning and development

We believe that personal development isn’t about your job title, how much time you've spent in training sessions or about passing exams. We believe that most of your development happens on the job. By seeking out opportunity, being ambitious, working collaboratively and learning from those around us we believe that we can all develop without the need to sit in a classroom. That said, we do offer opportunities for structured learning. From Leadership Development and Management Development Programmes to training on organisational, planning, communication and qualifications support such as APC and financial qualifications, there is something for everyone.

“The investment in people is amazing, the development programmes are excellent and are being rolled out across so many people. The diversity of work and projects is also incredible, with huge development projects creating headroom for everyone in the business to grow.”

Our responsibilities

We want to have a genuine effect on the communities we work and we know to do this we need to go way beyond our core business. We constantly endeavour to have a wider impact on the communities we work within by delving further than just developing a building or area. From charity work to culture, social issues to sponsorship, we do all we can to support people and activities that create positive change - the sort of change that can really make a difference to society.

The way we see it


The wellbeing of our people matters to us. Whether physical, mental or financial, we do what we can to offer support, advice and opportunity to everyone at Bruntwood. We offer subsidised exercise and yoga classes, meditation sessions and seminars from life coaches.

Our staff are able to take part in Tough Mudder, 10k runs, netball tournaments, running clubs, triathlons, cycle tours, indoor wall climbing and more. Some of what we offer is organised by Bruntwood, some is organised by our people with support. We are always looking for new ways to motivate our people to be active because know that healthy people are happier.

"Bruntwood is not only a fantastic company to work for, it is the best company I have ever worked for. I really appreciate the consideration the company gives in order to try to provide a happy and comfortable environment and provide employees with a good work-life balance."


Our benefits are designed to cover what our people need to make life simple today and also to help them to plan for the future.

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