Our values

The Bruntwood values are our guiding principles that define how we do things around here. So while we have a purpose which is our “why”, our values are the “how” - how we go about making a difference, how we go about being a part of the community and how we go about creating thriving cities

As times change and the challenges and opportunities change, it is this sense of purpose and the values we live and work by that will keep us on course and help us to thrive.

Unlike a lot of companies that may have some sort of abstract statement of values on their walls - we’ve set ours up a bit differently. Mainly because our colleagues helped shape them – so we know they actually mean something!

Our values are things we all live and do, every single day

No matter what your role is at Bruntwood, these values can always be applied. Helping us to create an even stronger culture; deliver an exceptional customer experience; and realise our purpose.

Dream and deliver

We challenge what is and imagine what could be. We then have the commitment and drive to bring our ideas to life.

Never sit on the sidelines

We care deeply about the world around us; instead of waiting for others to act, we take the lead on issues that matter.

Be creatively commercial

Our creative culture helps us find innovative, effective solutions to real world challenges.

Pay attention to detail (it matters)

We pay close attention to every aspect of everything we do; through experience we know it’s often the little things that make the big things happen.

Be brilliant to work with

We act with integrity, respect and a passion for collaboration, as we know the greatest outcomes benefit everyone.

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