The Bruntwood Culture

Our purpose and our values are the guiding principles that define how we do things around here. We have a purpose which is our “why” and our values are our “how”...

How we go about making a difference, how we go about being brilliant to work with, how we go about being a part of the community, and how we go about creating thriving cities.

Our values are the over-arching beliefs and pillars that are practiced and brought to life every day in everything that we do and in how we behave.

As times change and the challenges and opportunities change, it is this sense of purpose, collaboration and the values we live and work by that will keep us on course and help us to thrive.

Unlike a lot of companies that may have some sort of abstract statement of values and collaboration on their walls - we’ve set ours up a bit differently. Mainly because our colleagues helped define and shape them – so we know they actually mean something and we know it’s something we already do!

No matter what your role is at Bruntwood, these values and our purpose can always be applied. Helping us to foster an even stronger culture; delivering exceptional colleague, customer and community experiences; and creating thriving cities.

“We are brilliant to work with”