Leeds International Festival

Cities thrive through vibrant and culturally rich activities

About the partnership

As the UK’s leading metropolitan celebration of new ideas and innovation, Leeds International Festival is playing a significant part in making the city an exciting, culturally rich place to be. Our new partnership with the festival is perfectly aligned with our purpose of creating thriving cities, helping to shape Leeds' vibrant character.

Pushing the city forward as a hub of invention and inclusivity, over 10 days in May 2020, Leeds International Festival will create outstanding experiences for residents and visitors alike. Showcasing home-grown talent and businesses, as well as hosting extraordinary events, the Festival pitches the city as an international destination with an ambitious future.

L20 Creative Hub

Autumn 2019 will see the launch of the L20 creative hub at Platform, a flexible space where the festival’s artists and innovators, can come together to be inspired, connect and collaborate.

The facilities provided for the development and realisation of individual events include free access to meeting rooms and co-working space in the run-up to the festival, as well as space where artists, creatives and innovators can come together to road test ideas and audience reactions to events in development.

“Platform provides an inspiring co-working space in the city, an environment which encourages the sharing of ideas and nurturing of innovation and creativity – which is the essence of Leeds International Festival.”

“Having a place to go and develop ideas and events is integral, especially to young career artists and for some of those involved in next year’s festival, this really is that first important opportunity to showcase their talents.”

Gemma Holsgrove, Festival Executive for Leeds International Festival