COVID-19 Support Hub

The information below has been collected to help guide you to different sources of support, advice and information to help with the impact of coronavirus (Covid-19) on you and your business. We will be updating the COVID-19 Support Hub as regularly as possible, but if you have any feedback in the meantime please contact us at

We recommend you obtain professional advice before taking action on any of the content below.

Step by Step Guides for businesses during COVID-19

We have put together these simple guides to help you navigate getting financial support and operate your workspace safely during the crisis.

5 Step Guide to Government Financial Support ABC Guide to Safe Operation of your workspace

Directories of support

Here are links to the latest Central and Local Government information to support businesses during the crisis, along with links to our partners who have tools and resource relevant to COVID-19.

Government support Local Authority Guidance and support Business support Local Transport Guidance

Read our official Covid-19 response