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Why More Businesses Are Leasing a Workspace in Cheshire


Incredible Offices to Rent in Cheshire 

Leasing a workspace in Cheshire comes with an abundance of benefits for businesses and employees alike. Cheshire is a large and varied county in the North West, with a range of opportunities available to businesses across a multitude of industries. Knutsford in particular is often featured in lists of the ‘most desirable places to live in the UK’, thanks in part to its thriving town centre with a highly popular Maker’s Market, convenient location, and vibrant culinary scene. 

Knutsford in Cheshire benefits from an elevated standard of living, but also a rich heritage with architectural charm, natural beauty and high-quality education - meaning it's the perfect place to attract top talent.  From its excellent transport links to major cities like Manchester and Liverpool, through to exciting and innovative amenities, the town has become a thriving business community that should excite any companies looking to relocate.

The Bruntwood team has put together a guide to further highlight why Knutsford and the wider Cheshire borough have become a hot commodity for serviced and leased office spaces, why these spaces are so popular, and why the area should be home to your next office space. 

Bridging the Gap: How to Find the Perfect Serviced Office 

Serviced offices have become incredibly popular in recent years, offering businesses a flexible and convenient solution to their workspace needs.  

What is a serviced office? 

Serviced offices are 'prepackaged' offices meticulously designed specifically to suit the needs of clients. These spaces are designed by companies like Bruntwood, who provide infrastructure and amenities such as leisure facilities, cleaning, and community events - taking these responsibilities away from businesses themselves. All day-to-day running of an office space is taken care of, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best. 

The types of businesses attracted to these spaces are, as a result, incredibly varied due to the wide range of needs a serviced office can fulfil. For example, for a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) or start-up that’s still finding its feet, the scalability and flexibility of a serviced office are ideal, providing a professional environment without the constraints of a rigid, long-term lease. For any larger businesses looking to expand into new regions, these offices are also an excellent way to secure a satellite office or a short-term project hub.

As such, spots like Booths Park in Knutsford are incredibly popular due to their eye-catching amenities, such as the following: 

  • A brand-new wellbeing hub with Les Mills fitness classes and a Peloton Studio 

  • Food and beverage options, such as Philpotts and Tatton Perk coffee shop 

  • Premium showers and changing facilities 

  • Walking and running tracks 

  • On-site meeting rooms 

  • A thriving local business community, with ample opportunities for networking and collaboration

Why Rent a Workspace in Cheshire? 

From its key geographical location, with major motorways such as the M56 nearby, in addition to rail providing easy access to the rest of the country, office spaces in Cheshire are increasingly in demand.  

Aside from the simple transport links, there are myriad reasons for businesses to establish a base in the county. 

Nature in Cheshire 

For businesses with a focus on sustainability, Cheshire is an excellent place to set up camp. The area is very commuter friendly, featuring a range of cycling routes and train lines that provide access to nearby cities. In addition, many local authorities in the region, including in Knutsford, have policies and grants in place that are dedicated to promoting sustainable transport.

Knutsford specifically is home to spaces such as Tatton Park, a historic estate with 50 acres of landscaped gardens and 1,000 acres of deer park - meaning there are centuries of nature to be explored.  

Booths Park has wellbeing very much at its core. With green spaces and 220 acres of parkland, you can have a workspace in Cheshire that blends business and nature, appealing to thriving businesses, top talent, and clients alike. Knutsford is the ideal place for individuals ‘working near home', with employers taking advantage of the burgeoning trend by situating dynamic office spaces in popular suburban areas to suit their employees’ needs.   

Amenities in Cheshire 

With top universities situated nearby, including the world-renowned University of Manchester, Cheshire not only appeals to businesses, but it also appeals to employees, particularly those who may want to send their children to a good university. Such close proximity to educational institutions in Manchester and Liverpool is also advantageous when it comes to recruiting top talent at graduate level. 

Finally, with a vibrant culinary scene, Cheshire is the perfect place to host clients. And, with on-site, secure parking available at all of our sites in the county, you can focus on business discussions, rather than concerning yourself with any parking logistics.  

Looking For an Office to Rent in Knutsford? 

If you're looking for an office to rent in Knutsford, Bruntwood has the solution. Our Booths Park site emphasises employee wellbeing and offers a whole range of amenities, including community-led activities, while being situated in idyllic parkland.  

And, for those wishing to work in other Bruntwood spaces, or host meetings across the country, you'll also get 25% off meeting rooms in any of our buildings. This is applicable anywhere, from Liverpool to Leeds, meaning you can conveniently connect and collaborate on the go!  

To Conclude  

With so many perks, it's no wonder businesses and employees are flocking to Cheshire! With an abundance of modern workspaces such as Bruntwood's very own serviced and leased offices, and excellent commuter links, the county is perfectly set up for businesses to capitalise on. 

Bruntwood is proud to offer ongoing support to both current and prospective customers in the area, with Cheshire one of our hotbeds for inspiring growth, success, and collaboration. For any more info on our Booths Park site - or any other office space in the North West – you can enquire today.

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