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Work Near Home: Are the Suburbs Becoming the New City Centres?

Work Near Home: Are the Suburbs Becoming the New City Centres?

We’ve got hybrid working, remote working, working from home - but working near home is the emerging trend taking the professional world by storm.

With the cost of commuting going up and the fatigue of working from home setting in, working near home appears to be the next best thing. But what exactly is ‘working near home’ and why are so many people adopting it?

Does a Remote Job Mean Working From Home?

Love it or hate it, remote work has become more widely adopted in recent years. From fully-remote roles, to hybrid - there are a number of different options available.

However, remote work doesn’t necessarily mean people have to carry out their daily tasks from the confines of their kitchen table each day - it simply means that the employee is able to undertake their work outside of their corporate office. 

Although there are many people who absolutely thrive working alone, others find working remotely a little lonely, with a recent study finding that over 50% of people felt isolated whilst at home. However, if you’re a remote worker, you might be surprised to learn that there are a few alternatives to working from home that you may want to consider.

How to Manage Working Remotely 

If you’re one of the 50% of workers who feel isolated when working remotely, but don’t always have the option of heading into a corporate office, then working near home may be the next best option.

With local coworking spaces frequently cropping up in the suburbs, such as Cheshire and Greater Manchester, it’s giving more people the option to work near their home - without having to commute into the city. 

One particularly great example is Foundation in Altrincham’s Stamford Quarter. Opening in summer 2023, the new sustainable workspace offers a base for those living close to the bustling market town. 

These options can make managing remote working a little easier, providing people with an alternative to their own abode. Additionally, being surrounded by like-minded individuals may help to reduce any feelings of loneliness and isolation - even if the coworking space is being used on a flexible basis.

However, when it comes to having the flexibility to choose when and where to work from, it seems that there are some emerging patterns.

Is Wednesday the New Friday?

As the final push before the weekend, Friday is everyone’s favourite day of the working week, and - in many industries - was the dedicated day to finish work a little earlier than usual to enjoy a tipple or two with colleagues.

However, with the increased prevalence of remote and flexible working since the pandemic, it’s thought that many people actually avoid heading into work on a Friday to get into weekend mode as soon as their computer has shut down. In fact, according to a recent survey, only 13% of staff choose to head into the office on a Friday.

Additionally, here at Bruntwood, we’ve noticed that Wednesdays and Thursdays have now become much busier, with people opting to work in our offices mid-week and enjoying the comfort of their own home at the start and end of the week.

With more flexibility to choose when and where they base themselves from each day, it seems that the workforce has spoken - Monday and Friday are not for the office. But what exactly are the benefits of working close to home?

Benefits of Working Close to Home

We’ve all been there. That rush-hour traffic turning an already-lengthy journey into something we dread each day, or those packed commuter trains that leave you face-to-face with another stressed out worker - it’s not the most pleasant experience.

In fact, clinical psychologist Cara Manly has stated that the external stressors involved with a commute, such as traffic, noise and unexpected delays can trigger stress hormones. This can lead to feelings of acute anxiety in the short-term, but in the long-term, it could actually cause changes in mood and wire the brain to respond more negatively to situations, eventually transpiring into poor sleep, depression, anxiety and burnout.

However, one of the many benefits of working close to home is not having to face the dreaded twice-daily commute into a busy city centre. Aside from a shorter - and often more pleasant - commute, some other plus-points include:

  • Potential to reduce your carbon footprint

  • More time for the things you enjoy 

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Save money on train tickets, petrol and car maintenance costs

  • New, local connections and networking opportunities 

From reducing stress levels, to saving on commuting costs, the benefits of working near home could have a huge impact on your life - especially your wellbeing

So, whether you’re looking for the occasional change of scenery by hot desking, or a more permanent coworking solution - we’ve got something for everyone at Bruntwood. Explore our spaces today to find the ideal coworking location near your home. 

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