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Tips from our People

Tips from our People

Our Graduate Scheme will soon be returning for 2022. Following our rundown of some of the main benefits of working at Bruntwood, we spoke to a few of our graduates about their personal experiences, and got some hints and tips from colleagues around the business about making the most of the many personal development opportunities available during a Bruntwood career.

What the grads think

Murray King - Commercial Business Analyst: I actually had a full time job after university, but soon realised it wasn't something I was passionate about. Going on the grad scheme really showed me the range and variety of jobs that are available at Bruntwood. I also felt under less pressure to 'make the role work' as I knew there would be other options to explore if I didn't think a particular role matched my skill set.

James Schofield - Finance Graduate: I didn't realise just how many career opportunities would be available within finance at Bruntwood when I first applied! But I think gaining a good breadth of knowledge about the business as a whole is important, and something which will massively help in my future career and understanding Bruntwood as a business.

Shilpa Lakhanpal - Asset Manager: During my time as a graduate, and since moving into different roles, my colleagues at Bruntwood have provided me with endless support to further develop my career. I have become a chartered surveyor, fully supported by Bruntwood, and I am now an Asset Manager at Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP), which is part of Bruntwood SciTech. I’d definitely recommend to people who are just starting out in their careers to keep an open mind and give it your all even if it doesn’t seem like something you’re interested in, you might surprise yourself or come across a great opportunity.

Hannah Coulson - Chartered Development Surveyor: Since joining the business in a graduate role after completing my Masters Degree, I’ve enjoyed the variety of jobs I’ve been involved with, which means that no two days are the same! The culture is fast-paced and challenges you to get involved in what you care about. On top of this, the emphasis the company puts on their colleagues’ wellbeing, and the collaborative and connected community we create across the business, makes it a really great place to work.

Secrets to success…?

Bilal Alam - Senior Marketing Manager: The top 3 things I have learned during my career are: 1) Keep an open mind; 2) Take every opportunity that you find; 3) If you want something you have to push yourself towards something and don’t rely on other people to do it for you. One piece of advice I’d give to encourage continuous learning and growth: take every learning opportunity, you never know where it is going to lead. 

​​​​​​​​​​Mark Hanna - Head of Estate Management: My advice is simply that the stats don’t lie! The reality is the more skills and qualifications you attain during your life will usually have a direct link to your employability and/or pay increases. It also helps round you as an individual and aligns the businesses requirements with your opportunities to grow.

Heather Gray - Head of Customer Development: Stay curious! Continuous development happens outside of work too and helps you stay engaged in learning at work. If you’re looking for the next big thing in your development, keep these three things in mind: 1) Don’t be scared to be bad at something at first; 2) Look forwards and backwards (it reminds you of what you’ve already achieved); 3) Think about what excites you.

Jen Atkins - People Director: The key things I would say are: 1) Don't let your beliefs define you - be willing to think again; 2) Say 'yes' before you're ready - push yourself beyond your comfort zone; 3) Believe in yourself!

Fancy joining our Graduate Scheme? Applications open here on 2nd Feb...

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