TfN launches Strategic Transport Plan for the North.


Jessica Bowles, Director of Strategy at Bruntwood, reacts to the launch of Transport for the North’s (TfN’s) Strategic Transport Plan for the North.

“This is a really thoughtful report that makes a truly compelling case for the transformational long-term investment the North needs to meet its economic potential. It is grounded in the reality of how the economy works in practice, which is welcome too.

“The ambitious vision of 30 minute journey times between Liverpool and Manchester, Manchester and Leeds and 26 minutes between Leeds and Sheffield – would be an incredible driver of growth and would help the North deliver the skills, jobs and growth set out in the Industrial Strategy. These city-to- city connections, delivered as part of a modern, efficient Northern transport network, would be truly transformative.

“Bruntwood is hugely supportive of TfN’s ambition and vision to deliver a transport system by 2050 that will be the backbone for a strong economy for the North and the wider UK. As the report states ‘the size of the prize is simply too large to ignore for the future prosperity of the UK’.

“The plan put forward for consultation by TfN is a major step forward towards delivering the £100 billion in economic benefit and 850,000 jobs that the Northern Powerhouse can deliver and Bruntwood will continue to work with its partners across the North to lobby government to make this important vision a reality.” 

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