Manchester Climate Change Partnership's Green Recovery Proposal

    News, Greater Manchester

    Manchester Climate Change Partnership has published a letter to Manchester City Council on the need for a Green Recovery which you can read here.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world unfathomably, but it has also given us the opportunity to bring about real change for our people and our planet. We believe that investment in the recovery from this crisis must be used to create a green future. By investing now, the world will benefit economically, environmentally and socially, as well as saving costs in the long term.

    We must learn from the effects that the pandemic has had on the world. The impact that it has created will be nothing if compared to the potential damage of climate change. The need to tackle climate change is ever more paramount: now is the time for us to advance our efforts to reach our local and national goals for a carbon zero future.

    Cities have a vital role to play in delivering a green recovery, whether that's investing in green energy; developing sustainability frameworks that will drive further change and increase standards; delivering clean, effective transport systems; and creating pedestrianised liveable centres.

    Planning a recovery strategy centred around ambitious action on climate change is not only good for our planet, but will also create better outcomes for people and businesses alike, now and in the future.

    This change will not be simple. But by working together, individuals, businesses and cities can build back greener, healthier and happier.


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