Coronavirus (COVID-19): an important update


    Keeping our customers and colleagues safe

    Bruntwood supports good business and thriving cities; and now more than ever, we are aware of the responsibility we have and the role that we play in supporting economic continuity in these difficult times. We need to strike a balance that enables our customers to keep as economically active as possible to safeguard our economy and people’s livelihoods; whilst still minimising the risk of spreading the infection any further and keeping you, your teams and our own colleagues safe. Because the safety and security of the people in our buildings will always be our number one priority.

    As we all appreciate, the current situation is changing rapidly and the planned Government daily briefings will mean that the Bruntwood response will need to flex and adapt quickly and as needed. We have a COVID-19 steering group in place that meets daily, working closely with our operational building teams.

    In light of the very robust new instructions around social distancing from the government, and to protect both our customers and employees, we have made the difficult decision to reduce services across our buildings. 

    We do still have a number of customers that need to continue to operate in our spaces. The buildings will remain open to them through secure access, and the Bruntwood team will be working hard to keep things running safely and securely in the background. Those team members still present will be observing the strictest guidance around social distancing and hygiene. I thank them enormously for their work and assure you we’re doing everything we can to protect them.

    In the meantime, we are working hard to increase our presence to customers online, offering a programme of virtual events and business support where possible.

    As the situation progresses, we will keep the lines of communication open and talk regularly with our customers. Existing customers can get in touch with us through their Customer Operations Manager. You can also contact us via 

    Thank you once again for the patience and support you’ve shown our teams over the last 2 weeks as we work through this. And thanks in advance for your support over the coming weeks as we work hard to keep our business community together.

    On behalf of everyone at Bruntwood, as always, I wish you, your teams and all of your family and loved ones the best.

    Chris Oglesby

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