Circle Square Launches New Public Art as Hoardings Reveal ‘Extraordinary Taking Shape’

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    Circle Square has unveiled an original new collection of public art along Oxford Road. The “Extraordinary Taking Shape ” artwork features five new illustrations, graphics, and visuals designed to reflect the vibrancy of Circle Square and Oxford Road corridor. The new artwork can be viewed on the hoardings around the fast-developing Circle Square site on Oxford Road.

    The five artist commissions have been designed to capture the spirit of Circle Square, as well as depict the key elements of the city’s newest neighbourhood– set for first phase of completion in Summer 2020.

    Circle Square is a diverse, new urban destination on a street where extraordinary things happen. A street where the atom was split. Where Noel bought his first guitar. Where Emmeline sparked social change. Where the first computer was built and graphene invented. On this street masterminds have been made, and manifestos have been born. It’s a place that continues to thrive and inspire - where science, technology, arts and culture all sit side by side in an incredible part of the city.

    A joint venture between Bruntwood SciTech and Vita Group, Circle Square will house over 1 million sq ft of high quality workspace, 1,700 new homes and over 100,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space, providing a variety of boutique retailers, restaurants, bars and pavement cafes. At the heart of Circle Square sits the central green, the first and largest new city park for generations, where a variety of community and cultural events will be held to celebrate the city’s dynamic and creative community. Two hotels and a multi-story car park will also provide additional amenity in the area.

    Each of the artists commissioned to collaborate on this project were chosen for their connections to Manchester and to reflect an eclectic range of styles and approaches – from illustrators and visual artists to mural designers.

    The resulting collection of original artwork showcases an exceptional range of creative talent – a set of striking artworks and installations, designed by extraordinary creatives.

    The people of Manchester are encouraged to snap a selfie of themselves with their favourite artwork. All those that do will be entered into a draw to win dinner for 2 at Circle Square’s food, drink and retail destination - Hatch.


    The Artists and Their Work…

    Josh Harrison – Josh’s artwork represents Circle Square’s student spaces.
    Josh is a ‘Northern born, Manchester-bred’ illustrator.

    Accommodation at Circle Square is being designed to change the way one thinks about student living. Stylish apartments in a cultural hotbed, where unforgettable experiences happen daily. An incubation hub, where ideas can grow beyond graduation.

    “My work was built on the idea of Student Spaces being formative and nurturing. Through collage and mark making processes I wanted to communicate an idea of symbiosis between individuals and the city, to demonstrate how they each inform and better one another.”


    Josh Harrison

    Javier – Javier’s art represents the retail & leisure offering at Circle Square.
    Established, Mexican illustrator Javier has worked with global brands. Through his previous life as an architect he has extensive knowledge of Manchester’s architecture and in particular, the importance of the Oxford Road railway.

    Circle Square will be a space to enjoy the most innovative flavours and the latest trends. A selection of boutique retailers, bustling restaurants, bars, and pavement cafes. All centred around Manchester’s largest city park complete with terraces, lawns, and beautiful trees.

    “I wanted to involve the viewer in an extraordinary area of joy, where fun things and nice stories to remember are happening. Spectators could interact directly within this area and calmly gaze at these lovely activities, and maybe find things or situations they can get identified with. Yes, just as we do when we enjoy a drink in a pavement cafe.”


    Steven Waring – Steven’s art represents Circle Square’s green space
    Steven is a Manchester based designer and co-founder of ‘Parts Unknown’ brand, design and art practise.

    Circle Square will be a place to catch your breath. Somewhere to relax, reflect, and refresh. A landscaped park in the heart of the community. A space brought to life through a programme of events.

    “A composition building an other worldly landscape – the intersect between natural and manmade” @steviedubya


    Nomad Clan – Nomad’s art represents Circle Square’s Living Space
    Nomad Clan is a collaboration between Cbloxx and AYLO, together they are an internationally-acclaimed, street art muralist duo based in Manchester.

    Circle Square will provide many spectacular spaces to call your home… a neighbourhood built to spark friendships, ignite ideas and make memories.

    “For us wherever we lay our hat is our home, being traveling artists will do that to you! However when we are back at our place in MCR we realise the idea of home is much more than the walls that contain us, home is the essence of the city itself. Its tradition, heritage, personal connection, memories, friends and family.” @nomad.clan


    Lei Mai – Lei’s art represents Circle Square’s work spaces
    Lei Mai is an experimental, Manchester-based artist and maker.

    Circle Square will be home to inspiring offices, studios, and co-working that mean business. Home to global brands and pioneering businesses of the future, sharing ideas and making great things. One million square feet, to connect, collaborate and grow.

    “I wanted to keep my designs simple and true to my artwork. I used cogs to symbolise the fact that no matter how minor or major a role in work somebody/something has they’re always a necessary part to keep the machine turning!” @leimai_lemaow

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