Bruntwood's West Village hosts Amazon's Treasure Truck in Manchester


Christmas shoppers in Manchester were treated to Amazon’s Treasure Truck at 127 Portland Street, part of Bruntwood’s West Village at the weekend (Saturday 9th December).

The first Treasure Truck limited-quantity offer was the in-demand Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Customers were able to purchase their console via the Amazon app before meeting the truck to pick up their order and enjoy surprise fun at 127 Portland Street in Manchester.

“We kicked things off on Saturday in London and Manchester with a lorry load of this year’s must-have present, the SNES Classic Edition,” said James Quick, Head of Treasure Truck, “We knew there were lots of people desperate to turn back the clock and get their hands on the legendary ‘90s-style console before Christmas. Treasure Truck was primed and ready for those keen customers who acted fast.”

In the run up to the festive season, Bruntwood were chosen to host Amazon’s innovative and unique Treasure Truck which is already hugely popular in the US.

Treasure Truck will travel around Manchester several times a month, featuring one carefully selected item at a time. Each offer is a surprise and once alerted on the day, customers will have to act fast to secure the item with only limited stock available. Customers purchase the product in the Amazon app and select a convenient time and place to pick up the item at the truck based on where it will be that day.

Treasure Truck’s first Manchester stop was within Bruntwood’s characterful, West Village, which is home to a growing cluster of digital tech and creative businesses.

Bruntwood’s team worked closely with Amazon in the lead-up to the event to ensure a truly memorable experience for the city’s Christmas shoppers.

Toby Sproll, head of retail and leisure at Bruntwood, said: “Treasure Truck is a great new concept offering Amazon customers a chance to get their hands on must-have items in a fun and interesting way. We are delighted that Amazon used our expertise and extensive knowledge of Manchester to help bring it to the city.

“Retailers are increasingly looking for ways to make shopping more exciting and even add a sense of theatre and surprise and Amazon’s Treasure Truck really turns heads. You never know until the morning of the day it arrives what ‘treasure’ will be in the truck and that makes it so enticing.

“At Bruntwood we work hard to make a difference to our cities and communities because we want them to flourish. Working with organisations like Amazon, which encourage positive interactions with the city, creatively, socially and culturally, help us support initiatives that can really make a difference.

”Amazon’s Treasure Truck is different and fun and it brought even more of a buzz and colour to the streets at this busy time of year. We look forward to working with Amazon and seeing the truck become a regular fixture in the city’s retail calendar.”

A similar event also took place at London’s Charing Cross Station at the same time.

Customers can sign up to Treasure Truck now by texting ‘truck’ to 87377. When the truck is ready to drive into town, they will receive a text alert letting them know about that day’s treasure– for more information, please visit

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