Bruntwood Works launches Manchester’s smartest workspace at 111 Piccadilly

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    Bruntwood Works has launched Manchester’s most tech-enhanced workspace at 111 Piccadilly following its refurbishment as part of the firm’s £50m Pioneer transformation programme.

    The installation of a ‘central nervous system’, a smart tech platform that connects a physical space with the people, processes and systems within it, has created the city’s most innovative workspace and uses data to enhance user experience. 

    A new circadian lighting system - designed to replicate a 24-hour cycle of sleep, wake, hunger, alertness, and body temperature - combined with the use of planting and greenery in biophilic design will improve customer health and wellbeing. And advanced technology, such as sensors to monitor air quality, space utilisation and energy usage, will drive operational efficiencies and help to reduce waste - with Bruntwood Works trialling a prop-tech app to allow customers access to the data. 

    Together, these elements create an environment that puts health and wellbeing first. The ground floor is set to become Platinum Standard WELL certified next year - an international building standard that takes a holistic approach to health in the built environment - with Bruntwood Works 111 Piccadilly becoming one of the first coworking spaces in Europe to achieve this accreditation.


    Smart tech will also ensure the space is Covid-secure. The building’s digital kiosk - the next generation concierge - provides guidance and wayfinding advice to help regulate traffic and monitor footfall, as well as providing live TfGM timetable information. This is designed to free up front of house employees so customers receive an enhanced user experience. 

    Located close to Manchester’s Piccadilly station, 111 Piccadilly is creating a community of construction, engineering and sustainability-focussed businesses, with technology consultancy DMW Group, higher education provider University Campus of Football Business (UCFB), and telematics specialist Trak Global Group already located at the landmark building.

    Andrew Cooke, Strategic Director at Bruntwood Works, said: “The cutting-edge technology we’ve introduced at 111 Piccadilly will transform the building and its environment for the benefit of the people within it. By collating real-life data about how and when the building is used we will be able to provide an even better customer experience, and ultimately create more efficient and sustainable workspaces.

    “The transformation of 111 Piccadilly has also completely rewritten the rule book for refurbishments and proves smart tech is not just the domain of new builds. Our team has created a blueprint for redeveloping existing assets to create workspaces of the future and that’s something they should be proud of. I can’t wait to welcome our customers back to the smartest building in Manchester.”

    There also remains a strong focus on creating a vibrant, community-focussed workplace through art, sustainability and amenity as part of the Pioneer programme.

    To support this, the entrance to 111 Piccadilly has been transformed to include The Gem - a new sculptured feature that will provide a state-of-the-art exhibition space for local artists - as well as a communal area for people to gather and socialise. 

    A new independent cafe and lounge - operated by Ancoats Coffee - is also set to open to the public in 2021, adding a much needed amenity offer to the building’s vibrant coworking, community and event space.


    As part of the scheme, Bruntwood Works has partnered with Artin Light and StudioTech on a 200ft innovative lighting installation that sits across three sides of the iconic building, creating an illuminated gateway into the city and a beacon for the North West community. The installation can respond in real time to events taking place in the city - for example, when it was lit up blue in recognition of the NHS during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic - and an interactive feature is currently being developed so that the public can engage with the display via social media channels.


    Inside, there is also a digital art display called ‘Footfall’ by local artist, Andrew Small, that reacts with people's body movements and represents people as they enter and leave the building.

    111 Piccadilly offers a broad range of workspace options that cater for businesses of all sizes, so they can grow and develop within the Bruntwood Works community. This includes pay-as-you-go hot desks and coworking with access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms, to serviced, leased and Made & Managed offices which provide larger, private spaces that include rent, business rates and service charges. All workspace also includes membership to the Bruntwood App, Bruntwood Work’s digital community platform, Spark - Bruntwood Works’ business support programme - and access to a broad range of amenities across the portfolio.  

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