Bruntwood Works and Trafford Council launch ‘virtual’ community consultation for Stretford

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    Joint venture partners Trafford Council and Bruntwood Works have today launched a third round of community engagement regarding future plans for Stretford. 

    After careful consideration and following Government guidance on the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, it has been decided to hold the latest round of public consultation virtually, rather than in-person. This follows the community consultations event organised for March, which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    The latest round of consultation follows previous events in November and January. Having considered the feedback received, the new virtual consultation - via the website - showcases possible options for the future of Stretford Mall and Trafford Council’s wider Stretford Masterplan and Area Action Plan (AAP). Residents will be able to view all of the proposed ideas through artist impressions, and give their feedback on all aspects of the proposals, all via the website. People who prefer it can also order a paper copy of the proposals and a feedback form with Freepost envelope through the post.

    Previous drop-in events Stretford Mall attracted thousands of people who shared their thoughts on how they wanted the plans to take shape and how it could fulfil the community’s overall priorities for Stretford town centre. Key themes identified included a focus on improving pedestrian and cycle links across Stretford, retaining and attracting more independent businesses to the Mall, improvements in leisure and shopping facilities generally and a need to make the area more accessible in the evenings. 

    Andrea George, Regional Director - Town Centres & Consumer Brands at Bruntwood Works at Bruntwood Works, said: 

    'We’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to our previous engagement events. It's been great to discuss and debate our ideas with the community and I'm delighted that through this virtual consultation we can continue to work with residents despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. We have used the feedback from previous events to inform this latest stage of consultation - these are ideas that have been shaped by the community who want their town centre to satisfy a variety of needs. Our aim is to help revitalise Stretford town centre by making it an even more vibrant place in which to work, live and play. The virtual consultation showcases options for the future of Stretford Mall, including ideas to reinvigorate the retail and leisure offer, alongside commercial and residential opportunities. We are looking forward  to hearing what people think of the latest ideas". 

    Cllr Andrew Western, Trafford Council Leader, said:

    “The previous two community engagement sessions in November and January were really well attended. It’s clear that the people of Stretford and town centre visitors care passionately about the future of the area. While it’s disappointing that we are unable to discuss our possible options with the community face-to-face, I am confident that this virtual consultation will give everybody the opportunity to have their say. We are determined that the community should continue to be properly included in the debate about how we continue to reinvigorate Stretford and its town centre.” 

    Trafford Council and Bruntwood Works are committed to working closely with the local community to ensure the successful and sustainable regeneration of Stretford.

    The consultation website - – is now live. To order a paper version, people are invited to call our freephone number 0800 907 8677 or by email at

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