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Will your tech business be the next big thing?

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While it is easy to feel engulfed in your tech-heavy workload and sector-specific skills, it’s vital to keep one eye on the future.

After all, there are countless market forces and emerging business trends that ultimately decide whether a tech business makes it big in the future… or tumbles like a house of cards. If this sounds like you (and you’ve been stung before) you’ll know it’s always worth keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry; it’s the only way to be prepared (and primed for profiting) from the ‘next big thing’ in tech.

But what’s the best way to predict what will happen going forward for your business? To help, we used Exploding Topics, an industry research tool that analyses the globe’s millions of conversations online, to see which sectors have the strongest potential right now. Take a look below, for our top picks.

Top trending tech areas worth focusing on right now:

  • Financial security software

  • Money management software

  • Mobility tech

  • Cryptocurrency software

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