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Why the demand for podcast studio hire is soaring (especially in Manchester)

Bruntwood Colleagues

In recent years, podcasts have made a huge comeback in popularity, thanks to their accessibility in today’s world through streaming services and platforms. In the UK, podcast listenership has been increasing year on year, reaching an estimated 21.2 million listeners in 2022. A YouGov survey at the start of 2023 revealed that 13% of UK respondents said they expected to increase the amount of time they spend listening to podcasts during the year - it’s clear that the boom is only going to get bigger.

Naturally, as demand for this form of media grows, the number of podcasters is rising accordingly - it’s an industry that is expected to be worth £75.5 billion by 2028. Google Trends shows searches for ‘podcast studios’ and ‘how to start a podcast’ have been on the rise for the past five years, suggesting that many people are now seeing the appeal of starting up their own projects. 

In an increasingly saturated field, it can be harder to stand out, so it’s all the more important for creators to produce slick, well-edited, and altogether professional content on a regular basis. This is why demand for podcast studio hire is on the up. 

How lucrative is podcasting?

In 2021, podcasting was named as the most profitable side business in the UK. Podcasters, at this time, earned an average of £954 a month in profits, which equals an average of £11,448 a year. However, this isn’t to say you will be instantly earning this much when you begin your own podcast - it’s just good to know that this side business could one day turn into a steady stream of extra revenue for you if you manage to create a successful show. 

There are multiple ways you can monetise your content once you have a steady base of listeners: sponsorships, support from listeners, affiliate sales and complimentary products being the most noteworthy.

What makes an ideal podcast studio?

Although you can comfortably record and make a podcast on your phone today, top-quality podcasts require audio and editing equipment, a space to record and the time to do it - you may even want a camera setup too if you wish to have both audio and visual versions of your podcast. 

Setting things up for yourself can be expensive and it’s a big initial outlay for beginners. In an age where there are over five million podcasts on Spotify alone, you cannot risk producing something that sounds low quality. 

As well as proper equipment, you also need the know-how on how to set things up correctly, otherwise your investments could be a waste of money. Podcast studios need to be laid out correctly, with all of the equipment set up in a way that captures the audio perfectly. 

As an example, you need to know how to deal with your specific type of microphone. A good condenser microphone will produce higher-quality sound, but may also pick up background noise if you are in a loud environment. Compare this to a more affordable dynamic microphone, which does not require external power and is less sensitive to surrounding noise, but may produce lower quality sound. Decisions like these will set your podcast up to succeed or fail - knowing the specifics of your equipment is vital. 

Instead of investing into the equipment and learning how to set things up, there are podcasts studios you can rent to record in, saving you from doing the hard work and letting you get right to recording. Bruntwood offers these services.

Renting a Bruntwood podcast studio

Bruntwood’s Manchester-based Blackfriars House and No. 1 Circle Square locations are proud owners of professional podcast studios that are available for hire. 

Here, Bruntwood’s studios have the necessary audio and editing equipment that you need to make a podcast, all set up and ready to go. This saves you the costs and time needed to build your own studio, you can begin work straight away.

More details about our studios 

The podcasting facilities at Blackfriars House and No.1 Circle Square are similar and both set-ups are very user friendly. Both rooms have four studio-quality microphones, each with headphones to monitor the sound levels. While the rooms are not 100% soundproof, the microphones are very directional and doesn't pick up background noise. 

The camera can be moved around to change the angle (the camera is linked to a screen in the room, so you can see what the shot looks like). Or, if you don't need to record a video, the camera can just be turned to face the wall. 

Give it a try!

Renting a podcast studio is a great option for beginners who are unsure about committing long-term to a podcast, allowing you to test the waters without an expensive commitment. It’s also handy for more established podcasters who want to record with different guests on an ad hoc basis. Spending some time recording in the plush surrounds of Blackfriars House’s 1920s-themed podcast room is a great option for those who have access to Manchester City Centre. 

These studios sit in flexible, coworking environments, full of inspiration and networking opportunities for you and your fellow podcast hosts. Bruntwood’s booking system is easy and works flexibly around your needs, you only need to book the space for the time you need it, making it both useful and efficient. Bruntwood’s podcast studios could be the start to a long and successful career or side hustle, and may inspire you to invest in your own studio once you are familiar with the setup and equipment. 

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