Why 'Places Matter'


At Bruntwood, we’re firm believers in making our great city regions greater. A vital part of this is to create environments which are built to provide a strong sense of place.

Places are key to driving economic activity and helping to shape the quality of life for residents and visitors. Research by the Centre for research on environment, society and health (CRESH) shows that the places where we live, work and play can have both positive and negative effects on our health and mental wellbeing.

CRESH found that high levels of community cohesion, accessibility to high quality green spaces, and investment in infrastructure to support physical activity, all help provide ‘therapeutic’ properties.

According to Conscious Cities, by 2050, three out of four people will live in urban environments. With this in mind, it is becoming even more important that architects, designers and planner ensure places are created to serve in the best interest of the city, its communities and its people.

Places Matter is an independent multi disciplinary panel of industry experts, providing advice on potential developments to ensure they meet their full potential. Hosted by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) at its national architecture centre in Liverpool, RIBA North, the panel aims to generate a strong sense of place in living, working and leisure environments throughout the North West.

The panel work with public and private sector organisations that are due to submit planning applications, to constructively challenge the thought processes behind their decisions and test the rigour of the design. They will offer suggestions and potential changes to the application to help the project reach its full design potential.

Bruntwood’s Head of Development, Lee Treanor has recently joined the panel, bringing his 18 years of experience in the commercial property industry.

So far, Lee has been involved with the Design Review and Enabling of redesigns of two district level town centres and an office to hotel conversion planned in Manchester.

“When it comes to creating a strong sense of place, the creation of ‘communities’ is something that we are beginning to see more and more, whether it’s in residential areas, workspaces or, naturally, in neighbourhoods of food, beverage and retail places.

“Being involved in helping to shape schemes from developments outside of Bruntwood allows me to see things from a different perspective, whilst still working towards the aim of making our great city regions greater.”

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