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Training Room Hire: How it Could Help Your Business

Training Room Hire: How it Could Help Your Business

Workplace training is essential to ensure that your staff are continuously progressing and developing in their roles. From expanding their knowledge about different areas of the business, to learning from more senior members of staff within their team - there are a number of skills that can be gained from regular training within the workplace.

However, training sessions are more than just creating an impressive presentation - it’s also important to fully engage everyone to ensure the session is effective - that’s where specially designed training rooms come in. 

So what exactly is workplace training and how can training rooms help to produce the best results?

What is Workplace Training?

To put it simply, workplace training is training and learning which takes place in the workplace to improve performance on a number of different levels. From specific training required to carry out a role, to broader training into company values - all types of training can have a positive impact on a business and people’s careers.

What are the Benefits of Workplace Training?

Workplace training boasts a number of different benefits, both for employers and employees, including: 

  • Improved performance and output 

  • Increase in internal recruitment

  • Reduction in employee turnover 

  • Attracting top talent

  • Improved employee engagement rates

  • A reduction in costly human errors

Additionally, Deloitte’s millennial survey highlighted the fact that millennial employees are attracted to organisations who are able to promote career development, as many are concerned about having the skills required for a rapidly changing workplace. 

But that’s not all - it also accentuated the fact that workplace training was linked to employee loyalty, with those seeking employment elsewhere when they didn’t feel their skills were being continually developed. 

How to Run Effective Training in the Workplace

When it comes to how to run effective training in the workplace, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure the sessions are as valuable as possible.

Identify Skill Gaps

In order to ensure you’re running sessions that your staff will benefit from the most, it’s important to identify the biggest skill gaps within the company. 

Some of the best ways to ascertain where these gaps lie include:

  • Ask for feedback from senior members of the team 

  • Regularly interview employees to see where they think they could improve

  • Use assessments and surveys to identify gaps

  • Analyse data to see if there are any areas of the business which need to improve

Choose Appropriate Training Methods

When it comes to training your staff, it’s not always one size fits all. Sometimes presentations are the perfect medium, but they are not always the most appropriate or efficient methods of training. 

Some alternative training types include:

  • Shadowing 

  • Secondments

  • Coaching

  • Role play

  • Activities

When organising a training session for a large group of people, it’s important to decide which training type will be the most suitable. However, if the session is only for a couple of people within a team, you could tailor it to their learning type, whether that’s visual, auditory, reading, writing or kinesthetic.

Make Use of Training Rooms

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of workplace training is the location. Trying to coach a member of staff on something quite technical in a busy, loud office with lots of distractions won’t be as constructive as it could be. 

For more effective training in the workplace, training room hire is the ideal solution. Training rooms provide a quiet, private place to carry out staff training, which may help your staff to gain more from their sessions. 

However, training room design is incredibly important. You need to ensure that your dedicated space is fully equipped with everything you need for effective training, such as screens to cast presentations onto, adequate seating and efficient lighting. 

If your office doesn’t have a dedicated training room, or you’re managing a remote team, then booking a training room is also an option. There are spaces available to book in most major cities in the UK, so whether you need a space for an important one-to-one, or a conference space  - there are choices for every event size, budget and business type.

Training in the Hybrid Workplace

A recent study found that since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 76% of businesses surveyed have adopted a hybrid working model. This presents a few additional challenges when it comes to workplace training, as you may be required to provide training to a mix of remote workers and those based in the office, which can take more planning. There are a few things to consider when training hybrid workers, including:

  • Do you have access to the equipment required for the remote workers to participate?

  • How can you keep everyone engaged?

  • Would the training be better suited to online only?

  • Does the event need to be live, or can workers access it at their leisure?

  • What is the best delivery method so everyone gets the most out of training?

When training remote and hybrid workers, it’s incredibly important to ensure that they’re getting the same level of training at home as they would in the office. That means you need to confirm that they have access to all of the tools and equipment needed to participate fully, engaging with them during the training and even moving training to online only for the entire team.

So, whether you hold regular training for your staff, or you’re thinking of implementing a more frequent training schedule - effective training can be invaluable to your business, but it’s important to consider hybrid workers too. 

Explore our meeting rooms today to find the ideal space for your next training session. 

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