The Bruntwood Prize's sex education

Laurie Nunn, a previous winner of the Bruntwood prize, and her Netflix series.


Sex Education is the Netflix show that’s got everyone talking, receiving high praise from viewers and critics alike. It debuted earlier this year and its writer, Laurie Nunn was winner of the 2017 Judge’s Award at the Bruntwood Prize.

King Brown, Laurie’s first full play, explored toxic masculinity within a family struggling through an Australian heatwave. Laurie was captivated by the otherworldliness of the Australian landscape and it seems this has fed through to Sex Education too. Moordale, the school and setting of Sex Education is a mish-mash of Britain and the USA, and it even seems to broach timelines with smartphone-laden students dressed as though they’re frozen in the 80s.

Laurie sees her novel new coming-of-age story as a way to have frank and non-judgmental conversations with a teen audience about sex and shows two students of Moordale setting up a sex clinic for the other students.

This isn’t Laurie’s first TV production, she’s developed original projects with Eleven Film/Channel 4, Kudos Film and Television, Wigwam Films and Revolution Films, however when it came to submitting a play to the Bruntwood Prize she had level-pegging with all the other entrants thanks to the anonymous nature of the submissions. She said of this: “It’s rare to be given an opportunity to present your work to people on a completely equal playing field, especially in an industry that is as fiercely competitive as this one.”

So if you’re tempted to submit to the Bruntwood Prize this year, just think - today the Royal Exchange, tomorrow the world (of Netflix).

You can enter the Bruntwood Prize, or be inspired with their weekly online learning resource over at

(Image Credit: Jon Hall/Netflix)


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