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Sustainable Work Spaces at Bruntwood: Our Approach

Tree planting

Here at Bruntwood, creating sustainable work spaces is crucial to our approach as a business. In fact, in 2018, we became the first commercial property partner in the UK to commit to the UK Green Building Council’s Advancing Net Zero programme, with the target of operating at net zero carbon by 2030. We know that we can only fulfil our goal of creating thriving cities if we are able to adhere to sustainable workplace solutions that provide our customers, colleagues and communities with everything they need.

However, in order to truly help mitigate the impact of climate change and reach net zero carbon, the entire world needs to take action with bold and innovative policies. But what solutions are needed to enable this and how can office sustainability practices help to promote more environmentally friendly workplaces?

Sustainable Workplace Solutions 

When it comes to creating sustainable work spaces, our approach has always been to recycle rather than rebuild, helping to bring new life to buildings by realising their full potential - but that’s just the start. We focus on seven key areas of sustainability that impact our customers, colleagues and communities, which are:

  • Energy

  • Emissions

  • Sustainable materials

  • Water

  • Waste

  • Sustainable transport

  • Green spaces and biodiversity

With these in mind, some of the more recent sustainable workplace solutions we’ve implemented in our spaces include:

  • Taking advantage of renewable energy by installing solar panels and batteries in a number of our spaces

  • Supporting active travel through the installation of cycle storage and facilities

  • Recycling our coffee beans into biofuel

  • Implementing a blue-green roof to improve water drainage and biodiversity

  • Sending food waste to AD Plants to generate gas for the national grid

In addition to ensuring our workplaces are more environmentally friendly, we also want to ensure our customers know how they can reduce their own carbon footprint. We work with both individuals and businesses to help them have less of an impact during their working day, including:

  • Recycling waste paper, card or plastic

  • Using reusable cutlery, cups and straws throughout the day

  • Finding alternative methods of travel than driving, such as cycling, walking or shared transport

  • Going paperless by keeping documents online

  • Turning appliances off when not in use

  • Adding a few desk plants to the workspace

By implementing some simple solutions, both businesses and individuals can work towards creating more environmentally friendly workplaces. 

Sustainable Office Interior Design 

Creating a more environmentally friendly office space doesn’t just start and end with the way it’s used and managed - it’s an entire process that includes carefully considered decor. 

When it comes to sustainable office interior design, there are a number of different features that can be implemented to create a more sustainable space, including:

  • Using sustainably sourced or low volatile organic compound materials 

  • Installing the appropriate lighting throughout the space

  • Incorporating plants into the design

  • Adding sustainable furniture to the space

  • Making the most of natural lighting 

Whether you simply incorporate a couple of sustainable features into your office, or you try to create a space that’s as sustainable as possible - just making a few changes to the office decor can go a long way towards creating a more environmentally friendly work space, whilst being a pleasant place for people to work and collaborate in.

As green technologies improve and develop, we continually revise and improve our approach to sustainability at Bruntwood to limit our impact on climate change. So whether you’re looking to rent an office or a coworking space - we provide more sustainable spaces that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. Explore our spaces today to find out more. 

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