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    Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to the future of humanity and the ecosystems that make our world habitable. There is so much we can do to help protect the Earth and live a more sustainable life.

    Fast fashion and single use plastic are among the biggest environmental issues, with the fashion industry responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions; so our shopping habits can make a big difference.

    Consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious, with 53% of 21 to 34 year olds saying they’d give up a brand-name product to buy an environmentally friendly one. We take a look at some of the ways you can become a more sustainable shopper with retailers across our portfolio and celebrating their efforts in providing eco-friendly products for everyone.

    Get upcycling

    It’s become a thing of the past, but getting clothes made and mended is so beneficial to the planet. And great for when you don’t want to give up your favourite tee! The Trouser Project at Afflecks is on a mission to ‘make trousers more interesting’ – instead of throwing away your old threads, take your trousers to Megan at The Trouser Project, and she will paint any design you like on them. Because let’s face it- the world needs more people wearing painted trousers right now.

    Drawing influences from the traditional shoe shiners of London you can breathe new life into those worn-out trainers you love so much. Sneaker Pharm* is Manchester’s first premium shoe cleaning boutique offering a highly bespoke and comprehensive service to treat your most beloved sneakers to some TLC. From delicate hand washes and stain removal, to suede resets and reshaping, the team can make your old trainees literally, good as new.

    Make your beauty regime plastic-free

    The bathroom is often a huge source of single use plastic waste. But, from toothpaste tablets and natural deodorants to dry shampoo in a bag and botanical beard oil, there are so many ways to kick the plastic habit. Earth Friendly Rocker at Afflecks sells an array of some of the most innovative plastic-free bathroom products around.

    Let your pet be an eco-warrior too

    Earth Friendly Rocker is also on a mission to make sure your furry friend is a friend of the planet too with compostable poo bags. Made from corn starch, they’re extra strong and don’t break down into micro-plastics. Most biodegradable poo bags generally do this on some level, whereas these are home compostable and so will 100% break down anywhere. The boxes are made from recycled cardboard, are fully recyclable and printed with water-based ink too!

    British made and ethical

    It’s sometimes easy to forget about the carbon footprint that is created even after a product has been made. British made items mean that air miles are reduced, hugely reducing the carbon footprint of your clothes. And an added bonus, it will have been produced according to UK employment law, so you know it won’t have been subject to any unethical work practices along the way.

    Sinner and Saint is an independent, gender-fluid brand inspired by great alternative pioneers like Vivienne Westwood. Designer Sammy’s pieces embrace eccentricity, flamboyancy, individuality… and slow fashion, with everything being stitched by hand. The brand is committed to ethical practices and keeping its carbon footprint as low as possible with all quality materials sourced within the UK.

    For cute and colourful outfits to suit all budgets, Thunder Egg has a huge collection of British-made, hand-picked distinctive pieces for men and women from vintage-inspired frocks and tea dresses to contemporary British labels like Run and Fly.

    Feed yourself local

    And keeping your purchases close to home goes for food too. There’s a whole host of reasons why local food is better for you: reducing carbon footprint; creates less waste; is good for soil; preserves open space; and even tastes better, as it spends less time going from farm to plate, losing fewer nutrients and suffering less spoilages.

    Stretford’s Foodhall offers a curated selection of brands with a huge array of premium, organic and vegan alternatives. The shop also focuses on refillables, so that consumers can bring their own reusable containers or fill up a paper bag in store. The on-site café specialises in locally-roasted coffee (even the cups are sourced from a local potter) and the bar offers local craft lines on draught. And, if you need a pretty pick-me-up while you’re out, there is now a local florist selling plants and flowers so you can add some greenery to your life.

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