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    From small businesses to freelancers, serviced offices are a great way for workers to access state-of-the-art facilities without them or their employers paying large overhead fees. Modern workplace amenities are as varied as the people who use them. And if employers want their staff to be at their happiest, then they must understand what their teams truly want, and provide these amenities in office buildings and other workspaces.

    What is Meant By ‘Office Amenities’?

    The workplace has evolved so much over the years. This is underlined by the workplace facilities that we now often take for granted. 

    The average office looks remarkably different today from what we might think of as the ‘typical’ office environment. Many workers are requesting more specialised office amenities that reflect their needs and concerns. Around half of Gen Z and millennials want their work space to mirror their personal views and work to tackle social and environmental issues such as climate change. Some amenities in office buildings have become non-negotiable - from staples like kitchen facilities to the more extravagant modern workplace amenities like a gym, barista-style coffee and wellbeing events. 

    Office Amenity Trends 

    There are some office amenities which undeniably benefit the vast majority of office-goers. Increasingly, the provision of foodstuffs like breakfast cereals, fruit, milk, tea, and coffee are becoming part and parcel of the modern office. 

    Offices are open earlier and for longer. A 9 to 5 is no longer the norm, which reflects the relative autonomy employees expect from employers when it comes to organising their time. Work-life balance is important to the modern office worker, which has led some employers to diversify their facilities in the workplace.

    A creche facility in the office, for example, is a great draw to some parents. The opportunity to work while knowing their child is well taken care of can be invaluable. Other more basic amenities like washing facilities in the workplace are also in high demand. 

    Changing Employee Expectations 

    Offices with on-site gyms, cafes, shower facilities and changing rooms have proven to be popular with a range of workers. Especially millennial and Gen Z contingents of the British workforce who are increasingly requesting amenities that support both their mental and physical health.

    This is partly because people want to live differently from past generations - incorporating work into their lifestyle instead of fitting their life around work. Features like gyms and washrooms are therefore an excellent addition to office spaces, as they encourage employees to intersperse their working day with any fitness pursuits that might previously have had to wait until later in the evening. 

    Onsite cafes allow workers a ‘timeout’ from the office space, without having to venture far. They’re also popular for more informal meetings, or networking opportunities, providing a more relaxed atmosphere.

    Employer Reactivity

    Being responsive to employee needs and adapting to the changing ways of working comes in many shapes and sizes. We’ve actually seen that Meta has created portable cubicles - nicknamed ‘The Cube’ - which envelop the desk to create privacy in an open plan space and block out any disruptive noise. This was in response to the rise in remote work and the video calls which continue to facilitate it, post-pandemic. Whilst we’re not advocating a return to the cubicle, it’s always interesting to see the ways that offices evolve to accommodate the flux of modern work. At Bruntwood, we have an in-house design team who are on hand to create a bespoke space that perfectly suits the needs of your business. An office layout that works for one company may not be the best solution for others. 

    A Focus On Greenery & Sustainability 

    It’s worth noting that the trend for office improvement extends to aesthetics and sustainability, as well. Biophilic design, where greenery is incorporated into interiors for wellbeing purposes, has become particularly popular. Employees are happier when they work somewhere they enjoy, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would rather work in a dark room than a light airy workspace. 

    More importantly, increasingly eco-conscious workers are mindful of the sustainability credentials of their office space - this is something that we at Bruntwood prioritise across all of our operations.  


    The Ev0 Building will be the UK's lowest carbon new-build workspace. Built and designed with the future in mind, as a fully electric building its solar panels will provide 94% of the predicted energy use of the building. The frame will be made from timber, rather than steel or concrete, and there will be multiple EV charging points on site. In terms of amenities, Ev0 is targeting a Platinum Cycling Score accredited bike hub and will have shower and changing facilities, an onsite cafe and a fully equipped gym. 

    This new development forms part of Bruntwood’s continuing commitment to sustainability. Providing modern offices in greener cities, for workers who are increasingly concerned with their own and their employers’ carbon footprint, as well as having the best workplace amenities, is part of our DNA.

    Amenities in the workplace will change and evolve depending on employee needs. But there are some core features now expected by modern workers that don’t appear to be going anywhere. The ability to exercise, shower, eat, and drink onsite have all become intrinsic parts of the working day - whether workers are using them every day or not. Check out Bruntwood’s workspaces today to find an office to meet all your employee’s needs and more.

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