Personalisation - the new trend in flexible office space


Bruntwood’s Andrew Butterworth explains why personalised, tailor-made office spaces are rapidly on the rise and how businesses of every shape and size can achieve them.

Demand for bespoke, inspirational and flexible office space is growing. More businesses are opting for agile working spaces and savvy employers are creating one-of-a-kind office environments that fuel the war for talent, boost productivity and support well-being.

Increasingly, start-ups, SMEs and even established businesses are turning away from a one-size-fits all approach and demanding highly personalised workspaces and customised office management packages aligned to their individual needs.

This rising demand has led office providers to create managed office solutions, like our new Made & Managed product, which tailor-makes a package in response to customer needs. Everything from designing their own individual space to selecting the suite of services they require is all combined together and wrapped up into one monthly price.

Not only does this create a turn-key solution for businesses looking to take the hassle out of setting up an office, it can also provide the perfect flexible stop-gap for companies looking for a temporary home.

Managed offices are the hybrid between serviced and leased spaces and give businesses the best of both worlds. They balance the flexibility of a serviced office and the security and control of a leased space, but with no upfront costs.

They are set to have a transformative impact on the marketplace in the year ahead. But what are they all about and what complex needs are they addressing for businesses trying to get ahead in today’s demanding market? A lot of it comes down to manageability, flexibility and personalisation.

Removing the Leg Work

Transforming an office can be a major undertaking for businesses trying to manage everything themselves and that’s one of the key challenges managed offices are designed to address. Removing the hassle is important - taking away the pressures that can come with the development of a new workspace, so companies can focus on the day to day task of running the business. Managed offices make things as simple as possible. With Made & Managed, for instance, we manage the entire process, from conception, through to design and fit-out and even ongoing running of the office. We provide an expert team of in-house designers, surveyors, project managers and procurement specialists who work to create and manage the space to the customer’s specific requirements.

Design Now, Pay Later Appeal

In the past, many businesses have been put off by the costs associated with designing, building and running a bespoke office, but managed offices take away this concern by removing the need for a big upfront capital investment. This means businesses can create the office they want, but as part of a fixed monthly payment plan. With Made & Managed we arrange and fund the fit out to the required specification and tailor the additional services (from telephone lines through to furniture leasing) all as part of this fixed fee.

Made to Measure

A rapidly growing number of businesses want to differentiate themselves through personalised, quirky workspaces that encapsulate exactly what they’re brand is all about. Managed offices give customers the freedom and flexibility to design their own space and create that all important wow-factor. So whether they simply want some breakout space and meeting pods, or even something a bit more extravagant - the opportunities are endless.

All-in-one managed offices provide customers with ease and simplicity and give them everything they require without compromising on cost or convenience. This trend is set to soar in the year ahead as more businesses opt for tailor-made workspaces that will help create the environments they need to thrive.

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