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    At Bruntwood, we believe a strong cultural offering is a key to creating vibrant cities to live and work. Our partnership with HOME, a contemporary theatre, film, art and music centre in Manchester, provides us with fantastic opportunities to engage new groups of customers and communities with culturally rich experiences.

    Sponsoring culture in our regions is key to our values. Last year, we donated £4.8 million to organisations across Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire, Leeds and Birmingham. The commercial property sector is a major contributor to the region’s economy and we believe that vibrancy plays a huge part in any city’s success.
    Our relationship with HOME has continued to grow from strength to strength since its inception in 2015. As we established synergies from the beginning, it has helped connect us to modern film and arts; something vastly different to our core portfolio.

    “Our relationship with Bruntwood has evolved over recent years into delivering staff and customer engagement opportunities and providing occasional sector-specific advice and support,” says Jenni Willows, Development Manager at HOME.

    HOME’s vision is to push the boundaries of form and technology, to experiment, have fun and take risks, while exploring what it means to be human. This discovery is done through new art, new experiences and new stories.

    “I enjoy the fact that our partnership isn’t static, it’s what makes it fun. It also means we can be responsive to new ideas that crop up part way through a year,” says Jenni.

    Bruntwood Film Club is a new partnership initiative, exclusive to Bruntwood and HOME, which aims to engage Bruntwood’s customers and communities with HOME's contemporary and independent film programme and the additional features throughout the building.
    “Participation in the arts is recognised for its ability to help people fulfil their potential and contribute to increased health and well-being. Arts and culture also help to make Manchester an attractive visitor destination,” says Jenni. “Bruntwood not only understands this but leads by example and has long championed the importance of supporting of the arts to the rest of the business community.”

    With more and more people leaving London for cities in the North, Manchester is becoming a hub for arts, digital and innovation. Organisations like HOME play an integral part in retaining talented individuals and challenging London as an appealing city to live and work.

    For more information about HOME, follow them on Instagram (@homeMCR) and Twitter (@HOME_mcr) or visit their website: https://homemcr.org/

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