How is technology driving innovations in the food industry?


Our fourth installment of YFood Tech Wednesdays Manchester saw us joined by the incredibly talented inventor, Solveiga Pakštaite. Founder of Mimica, a cutting-edge Food Tech company, Solveiga first thought of the idea behind her product, Mimica Touch while at university studying Industrial Design. The innovation is a biologically accurate smart packaging solution that reduces food waste and improves food safety, showing the exact moment when food spoils.

Hear more from Solveiga here.

At the next YFood Tech Wednesdays, we’re excited to hear from Nick Popovic co-founder and Managing Director at Vita Mojo, the world’s first ever ultra-personalised restaurant offering an all-in-one restaurant technology platform.

Acting as a testing ground, the app is currently in operation in three London restaurants, and the aim is to find new technological solutions to respond to the ever-growing demand for a more personalised approach to nutrition, health and wellness.

Customers will be able to use their software to create menu combinations that incorporate the know-how of a nutritionist and the skills of a chef, making it incredibly easy for consumers to personalise their meal based on their own health goals and objectives.

We caught up with Nick ahead of the next event.

Food Tech is a really exciting sector to be in right now. Tell us a bit about your connection to the industry and how you got into it?

Vita Mojo has always been about leveraging technology in the restaurant industry. We use it to help streamline our in-store experience but also to leverage big data for operational efficiencies. I co-founded Vita Mojo in 2016 when Food Tech was a relatively new concept but it's just growing and presenting more and more developments.

What opportunities do you think technology opens up to drive innovation in the food system?

The food system is largely a relic from the industrial revolution and suffers from far too much opacity. We see the negative effects of this system on food production, waste and health (amongst many others). Technology has the ability to open up so much in the food system primarily through transparency, collaboration and better use of resources.

What do you think the next 1-3 big Food Trends are that we need to look out for?

Planetary diets - where the focus is on trying to eat in a better way for the planet, whether this is less meat, greater food diversity, traceability and sustainability.

Where do you think investors should be putting their money?

Sustainable food production where the focus is on creating healthy ecosystems of food production rather than monoculture and intensive farming.

Which startup/company (apart from your own) do you think is doing really innovative things in the Food Tech industry at the moment and why?

GrowUp Urban Farms - they are thinking in a genuinely sustainable way about food production.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing in the food ecosystem tomorrow, what would it be?

I would reduce mono-agriculture.

What are you looking forward to most about the YFood Tech Wednesdays Manchester event?

You always have great new people to meet!

So, how do you think we could use Food Tech to become more sustainable? Do you have ideas to help personalise the food and drink market yourself? Are you looking to hear about new innovations in the Food Tech sector? Or maybe you’re just wanting to meet like-minded people in the industry and join our community? Join us at our next YFood Tech Wednesdays event at Manchester Technology Centre on Oxford Road to hear Nick’s story and what the future has in store for Vita Mojo.

All of our YFood Tech Wednesdays events are free to attend, but spaces are limited so be sure to register for your spot here.



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