How does social media influence food trends?

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    Bringing exciting, unique and sustainable food and drink to our regions is just one way in which Bruntwood is creating thriving neighbourhoods across the North and Midlands. We’ve teamed up with YFood, the largest curated global community of companies and people actively trying to change the future of food, creating opportunities for Food Tech startups, investors and brands to get together, network and create important partnerships in Manchester.

    We believe by building a Food Tech community in Manchester, we can empower a more sustainable food ecosystem. Working with YFood, we’re hosting YFood Tech Wednesdays Manchester events every month, offering the chance for people to share ideas, discuss new trends and develop new collaborations in the Food Tech industry.

    At the next YFood Tech Wednesdays Manchester, we’re joined by Tom Jackson and Harry Bamber, Co-Heads at the viral recipe video channel, Twisted from Jungle Creations. With over 18 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Twisted has become a renowned name in social media. We spoke to Tom and Harry ahead of the 13th February event.

    Twisted Jungle

    Food Tech is a really exciting sector to be in right now. Tell us a bit about your connection to the industry and how you got into it?

    We head up the UK’s most viewed food and drink publisher, Twisted, creating recipe videos and written content for our 18+million followers. It has been so successful that we now work with food and drink brands to help them reach our audience and more recently we’ve launched delivery-only restaurants in London and Leeds, a pop-up Twisted Bar and this year we’re launching the sequel to the Twisted Cookbook. We both love food, and that’s why Twisted has been so incredible, the innovation and creativity involved in merging food and tech is really exciting to be a part of. What started out as Harry and I cooking in his flat in Brixton making questionable top down recipe videos is now operating out of a big kitchen studio in East London, with a team of 11 generating millions of video views every month.

    What opportunities do you think technology opens up to drive innovation in the food system?

    Tech and social media remove barriers to starting your own food business, because it offers you an opportunity to talk directly to consumers. Tech also offers businesses the opportunity to evolve and offer something entirely new for consumers and can even help businesses like ours determine exactly what customers want.

    What do you think are the next big Food Trends are that we need to look out for?

    Fermented foods on every restaurant menu, the Craft Beer backlash, anti clean-eating pro carb movement and CBD drinks.

    Where do you think investors should be putting their money?

    Direct to consumer food subscriptions and e-commerce.

    Which company do you think is doing really innovative things in the Food Tech industry at the moment and why?

    Ugly Drinks - They're bold, they have punchy branding and they're a disruptor in an established industry offering a direct to consumer subscription.

    If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing in the food ecosystem tomorrow, what would it be?

    How seriously people take food, cooking should be first and foremost - fun and enjoyable.

    What are you looking forward to most about the YFood Tech Wednesdays Manchester event?

    We're really looking forward to hearing new and differing perspectives as well as exploring what the Manchester Food Tech scene is like!

    So what do you think are the next big food trends to come? Are you looking to grow your own food social media based business? Are you interested in hearing about exciting new innovations and tech in the food industry? Or simply looking for some advice on building your own foodie business and building your network? If any of these are a yes, come along to our next YFood Tech Wednesdays event at Neo in Manchester to hear Tom and Harry’s story! We're going to be hearing their journey first hand, delving into the highs and lows of setting up one of the most successful food channels, learning how building a community can support your Food Tech business, and giving you the opportunity to ask your burning questions to them.

    It’s free to attend, but spaces are limited so snap them up and register for your ticket here.

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