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How Does Flexible Office Leasing Work?

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Over the past few years, the concept of flexible office leasing has grown in popularity. As companies shift their requirements, a need for flexible, evolved leasing options have emerged as a practical solution.

The main difference between flexible and traditional commercial leasing is that rather than a multi-year commitment, you are able to engage in a shorter-term contract and amend your requirements with less notice.

This makes it more appealing to companies looking to trial a dedicated office space and those who might have swiftly changing requirements, as well as a variety of others.

What Are the Different Kinds of Flexible Office Leasing?

There are various options available to meet the diverse requirements of a modern business.

  • Serviced offices - fully furnished and ready to go, this is true flexible leasing, offering you the chance to pay on a per-desk rate.

  • Office Share - for those who require an office but either it’s cost prohibitive or you’d like a collaborative partner.

  • All-inclusive offices - one monthly bill to cover all your utilities (including a customisable monthly fee to cover the rent and fit-out) with your own private office space.

Each offers access to the wider shared amenities and services available on-site. Each alternative has its advantages, and choosing the right one depends on the specific needs of your business. 

What Do Flexible Offices Offer?

Flexible office spaces offer a range of amenities and services designed to provide convenience and enhance productivity. 

These spaces often include well-equipped meeting rooms, high-speed internet connectivity and a supportive work environment.

Depending on the building, you’ll also benefit from: 

  • Breakout space

  • Kitchens

  • Reception staff

  • Unique event spaces 

  • Gym facilities

  • Shower rooms

  • Bike storage 

  • Fitness and wellness classes

  • Varied events calendar

Leased workspaces provide a hassle-free experience, as maintenance, cleaning, and administrative tasks are taken care of by us.

The demand for flexible office space has doubled since 2019, which is no great surprise. This model allows businesses to focus on their core operations while enjoying the benefits of a professional workspace. 

Benefits of a Flexible Lease 

  • Rather than a hefty long-term contract, flexible workspaces provide the opportunity to better align an office space with the budget and requirements of a business. There is less financial risk and it’s easier to upsize or downsize as required.

  • The move-in timeline is generally pretty short, meaning you can be more agile in your working environment.

  • Working in a space with other companies also allows for collaboration opportunities, and networking becomes much more organic as employees mix in shared spaces. 

  • The additional visibility for your company with having a ‘public’ space amongst contemporaries can act as passive marketing and increase the visibility of your products and services.

  • A varied events calendar offers increased opportunities for networking, as well as providing differing activities for post-work socialising and personal development.

Who Best Fits a Flexible Workspace? 

Flexible workspaces are suited to businesses of every size - from sole traders to larger organisations.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs often find office-sharing arrangements to be a cost-effective alternative to ‘cafe culture’, and more conducive to networking. 

Startups can access fully furnished spaces with essential business services, allowing them to focus on growing their core offering without the burden of setting up an office infrastructure.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit from the flexibility of leasing office space that can accommodate their evolving needs. The option to hire meeting rooms and conduct business in a professional setting can be advantageous.

Even established corporations are recognising the advantages of flexible workspaces for remote teams, satellite offices or anyone who needs a space while they relocate or renovate.

If you are searching for a flexible office lease that aligns with your business goals, at Bruntwood we offer a wide range of office space solutions to meet your needs.

Discover the possibilities and find the perfect flexible workspace for your business by visiting our services page. Embrace the future of work with a flexible office lease that empowers your business to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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