How can we use technology to help solve the issue of food waste?

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    Sustainability is a huge part of our vision at Bruntwood; that’s why we’ve partnered with YFood to bring YFood Tech Wednesdays to Manchester. This brand new groundbreaking Food Tech community has been set up to help support food industry startups, influencers, businesses, brands, fanatics and investors who are committed to transforming the food ecosystem and developing sustainability through innovation.

    At our next YFood Tech Wednesdays Manchester event, we’re joined by Solveiga Pakštaitė, founder of the cutting edge Food Tech startup, Mimica. Taking part in a number of exciting projects, Mimica is developing a biologically accurate smart packaging solution that reduces food waste and improves food safety.

    Solveiga is the industrial designer behind Mimica Touch, a label that tells you exactly when food has spoiled. But that’s not all. Last year, Solveiga was named MIT Technology Review’s Inventor of the Year.

    We spoke to Solveiga ahead of the event on 13th March at the Bright Building.

    Food Tech is a really exciting sector to be in right now. Tell us a bit about your connection to the industry and how you got into it?
    I became interested in solving the issue of food waste while studying industrial design at university. I won a few awards for the concept behind Mimica Touch and market demand created an exciting opportunity so I started a company to see how far this this thing could go. Still going!

    What opportunities do you think technology opens up to drive innovation in the food system?
    It allows for radical improvements, rather than just incremental improvements. Technology can bring game-changing solutions.

    What do you think the next big Food Trends are that we need to look out for?
    Food waste reduction (of course!), returnable food packaging, and insect cuisine. Tasty.

    Where do you think investors should be putting their money?
    In systems that will enable us to produce nutritious food within our planetary boundaries.

    Which startup/company (apart from your own) do you think is doing really innovative things in the Food Tech industry at the moment and why?
    Clara Foods - they're creating chickenless eggs. It's wild.

    If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing in the food ecosystem tomorrow, what would it be?
    Stop the belief within the food industry that food waste is good for sales and bottom lines.

    What are you looking forward to most about the YFood Tech Wednesdays Manchester event?
    I'm ready to meet some Manchester-based innovators!

    So, how do you think we could use Food Tech to become more sustainable? Do you have ideas to help improve the issue of food waste? Are you looking to hear about new innovations in the Food Tech industry? Or maybe you’re just wanting to meet like-minded people in the industry and join our community? Join us at our next YFood Tech Wednesdays event at the Bright Building in Manchester to hear Solveiga’s story and what the future has in store for Mimica. We’ll learn how their technology is going to help improve sustainability not only in the food industry, but our own homes, so come with your sustainability hat on and armed with questions.

    All of our YFood Tech Wednesdays events are free to attend, but spaces are limited so be sure to register for your spot here.

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