Flexible working goes beyond the city borders

    Trafford House

    Flexible working patterns that don’t fit the traditional eight-hour day at a desk are becoming the norm.

    The trend is leading more companies in the region to seek office space that meets this need and we’re witnessing the office market move towards a greater coworking and flexible space offer than ever before.

    And customer expectations are high. Workplace amenities such as bike racks, showers, free wifi lounges and gym facilities are now seen as a given. As the number of people freelancing and setting up their own businesses continues to grow, the type of workspaces and the facilities they need is changing.

    Creating working environments that promote wellbeing and collaboration drives much of what we do and Bruntwood has been at the forefront of this trend in Manchester for many years. We firmly believe that an effective workspace must consider and support employee wellbeing and company culture.

    By putting good workplace design at the heart of a building, employees are better engaged and more motivated, ultimately resulting in a more productive and successful business.

    While the coworking and managed office options are there in the city centre, price can be a barrier to start-ups and smaller companies who are looking for this kind of space.

    As a result, start-ups are increasingly looking for other, more accessible locations to base themselves. Out of town locations offer cheaper rents and more space but a key part of attracting these types of businesses is in offering the same level of amenities typically associated with city centre working.

    With its proximity to the city centre and good transport links, we’re seeing Old Trafford become an increasingly attractive hotspot for businesses.

    Trafford House located on Chester Road, is on the main route in to the city centre, and provides over 134,000 sq ft of office space. We have made over £1m of investment in the building introducing a new co-working space offering both hot desk and dedicated desk options along with a range of new amenities to be enjoyed by the people based there including a lounge, outdoor terrace, fitness and events space and shower and changing facilities.

    In a pioneering initiative, we are also partnering with Altius Health Care to offer Les Mills virtual fitness classes as we understand the importance of breaking up the day with some exercise.

    This is the first of a number of office buildings in non-city centre locations that we are investing in as the demand for coworking and managed office space grows and spreads far beyond city centres.

    Greater Manchester businesses considering a move in 2017 and beyond have more choices than ever before. What we are creating in and around Manchester will ensure that companies can find the right space, whatever their needs.

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