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    Bruntwood and Bury College are launching their first ever Employer Forum to support the talent needs of local employers. Expect to hear updates from Bury Council about regional and local skills strategies, connect with local businesses, and find out how Bury College can support your business with recruitment.

    The Employer Forum will include a keynote speech from Ashley Boroda, a Talent Advisor, iMA Practitioner and Executive Business Coach. We caught up with Ashley to find out more about what employers will gain from his insight.

    “While leaving the final decision of the appointment to the board and professional recruiters, my role is to ensure that the candidate shortlist contains only the right type of people,” explains Ashley. Using a process called iMA, of which Ashley is a certified practitioner, he can help to ensure that you’re hiring the right type of people for your business.

    iMA is a non-psychometric which correctly divides people into four specific groups, each group has an allocated colour: (High Red, High Yellow, High Green, High Blue). “It is a very user-friendly system which although simple to understand and operate is in no way simplistic,” explains Ashley. “Everyone in the World falls into one of four clearly defined groups, and jobs also fall into the exact same categories. Matching the iMA colour of the person to the iMA colour of a job is essential.”

    Ashley discusses the two distinct essentials needed for a job to be successful at all levels. “Firstly, the person in the job has to be good at the job they are doing and secondly they have to really like doing that job,” he says. “When someone really enjoys their work they will do it well, if they are good at their job they will really enjoy doing it. Those two cannot be separated; if one of those two elements is not the case the whole thing falls down.”

    Hiring the wrong person financially impacts businesses, often more than they realise. According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, this can tot up to hundreds
    of thousands of pounds. “iMA ensures that when matching specific styles of people with specific jobs good things will happen. This is good for the individual in question, the team and the stakeholders they work with, their clients/customers and of course the business.”
    Creating a shortlist of candidates with the iMA principles in mind, businesses can save themselves time, money and grief.

    But that’s not all. iMA can also be used to help identify and understand people better, especially those who are different to them. By knowing the type of person someone is, based on their iMA colour, we can communicate more effectively and successfully remove the common issues that cause communication breakdowns.

    If you’d like to hear more about this process, or how your business can better recruit local talent, register for the Employer Forum event here.

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