Customer story: Advantedge


Developing a reputation as a leading independent finance provider is no small feat. We sat down with Managing Director of Advantedge, Darren Cottenden, to find out how they deliver unrivalled client service.

Advantedge is a commercial finance business that specialises in providing cash flow solutions to UK small and medium-sized businesses to encourage business growth and expansion.

Darren joined the company five years ago, with the task to set up the Northern operation of the business. In 2013 he was working from his conservatory at home, until later employing two others and moving to an office in our Centurion House building, Manchester.

“When I set the business up I wanted the business to be different by the level of service that we offer, therefore what we have done by bringing in good quality staff we can give that service to the clients and if we give that service then we can actually deliver it,” says Darren.

The Northern operation has continued to grow from strength to strength, a year after moving into one of our seven person offices, they had to move to the fourth floor to a ten person office. Six months later they expanded to a 15 desk office and continued to grow all the way up to a 32 desk office - with potential for more in the very near future.

“I think the best thing about being based at Centurion house to a certain degree is the amount of bars and restaurants around. I think in the first year we tried about 100 different restaurants for lunch. It is the location, the ease of getting in, lots of car parking spaces around and the wonderful staff as well,” says Darren.

The future is bright for Advantedge, as they focus on continuing to grow the Manchester branch from 160 clients to 330 clients within 3 years. As a result of the success of the Manchester office, they have opened another office in Glasgow and are looking to open a bigger business in Birmingham later this year.

“The best thing about Bruntwood in my experience is just their flexibility, as we continue to grow we can let them know that we potentially might need new space in due course. They will look out for available space and will even talk to some of our neighbours in fact and ask them if they would be willing to move and make it worth while for them to do that so they’ve been really really helpful I must say,” says Darren.

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