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Manchester is the largest trade body for digital business in the North West of England. They bring together organisations and individuals from all parts of the industry. We sat down with Managing Director, Katie Gallagher, to find out how they are seeing the industry developing and how Manchester is responding to the growth.  

"We focus on five areas: developing a healthy ecosystem, innovation, profile and promotion, and making sure that we're really talking about the sector, infrastructure which is obviously looking at digital infrastructure but also lobbying hard about transport issues and the areas for most of our time is talent and skills.

Manchester Digital is proud to be owned by its members, with their work being made possible by those members, directly supporting the growth and development of the industry. 

Bruntwood has had a long-term relationship with Manchester Digital, even before they were customers. "[Bruntwood] has always really understood our mission and they've always been incredibly supportive so when it became possible to locate with Bruntwood it was just a really easy decision for us."

Manchester Digital's vision is simple: that by working together, we can make Manchester and the North West an even better place for digital business. 

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